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SRI Labeling Requirements For EDI Approved Vendors

Every carton being shipped to the Omaha DC should have a compliant GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) label. Please follow the GS1 US specifications when producing the GS1-128 label. GS1 (formerly the Uniform Code Council) is the global standards’ authority for item (UPC /EAN) and logistical numbering. In addition to managing numbering assignments, GS1 provides the retail industry guidelines for supply chain identification.

Every country has a regional organization and GS1 US is the non- profit organization in the United States. SRI’s label requirements are based on the guidelines from the GS1 General Specifications 12.0.

SRI has selected Bar Code Graphics, Inc. as the third party testing agency to certify suppliers for GS1- 128 label compliance. Ship point certification of label compliance is critical to achieving an efficient supply chain. Suppliers should certify their GS1-128 label formats whenever software, hardware, or material is changed.

Examples of the three SRI label types are as follows:

  • Pre-Pack Bulk
  • Packby-Store.

Please select the label that reflects how the merchandise is packed. It is important to note that COLOR NAME on the GS1-128 label MUST match the information your company entered into your GXS electronic catalog. The FULL name of the color MUST be used (Up to your system limitations) with NO abbreviations. The GS1-128 label MUST be firmly attached to the proper carton side.

To learn more about EDI labeling requirements and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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