Stein Mart Accounts Paybale EDI

Stein Mart Accounts Paybale EDI Invoice Requirements

Stein Mart Accounts Paybale EDI Invoice requirements ensure invoices are paid accurately and timely. Stein Mart Accounts Paybale EDI procedures apply to paper and electronic invoices. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in additional processing that may cause late payments.

Stein Mart requires vendors submit invoices using EDI 810 (electronic data interchange) to assist in processing your invoices efficiently and accurately. Any deviation from this requirement must be preapproved. Stein Mart requires one invoice per purchase order for each store (no master invoice for all stores). Stein Mart does not pay freight charges listed on merchandise invoices. Merchandise must be shipped according to Stein Mart shipping guidelines as outlined on vendor website: Freight charges must be billed by the carrier.

Paper invoices must be mailed in one envelope (as opposed to one invoice per envelope). Do not staple invoices together or staple invoices to envelopes.

Invoice details must include the following:

  • The “Bill To” or “Sold To” address should be Stein Mart’s corporate PO Box address.
  • The “Ship To” address must show the purchasing store’s number and address. Distribution Center number and address may be shown in the Mark For field.
  • Valid Stein Mart purchase order number (9 digits) and merchandise department number (3 digits)
  • Vendor name, corporate address, phone & fax number; remit or payment address.
  • If invoice is factored, this must be clearly indicated (sticker, stamp or printed) on each invoice.
  • One unique (up to 10 digits) numeric invoice number for each invoice. The invoice number MUST appear on each page of a multiple page paper invoice and the invoice number MUST NOT recycle within a minimum of 12 months.
  • For multiple invoice pages, indicate total cost on last page only.
  • Invoice date MUST be the same date as your date of shipment unless otherwise negotiated. The Merchandise AP Department will not accept any post-dated invoices or invoices prior to shipment.
  • Ship via, PRO or BOL number, ship weight and number of cartons by purchase order for each shipment.
  • Total units, quantities, merchandise descriptions and SKU/Model or Style number, unit cost and extended cost.
  • List all items in the same sequence as listed in the purchase order.
  • Do NOT mail paper copies of invoices if transmitting via EDI.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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