Stein Mart EDI 810 Invoicing

Stein Mart EDI 810 Invoicing Vendor Requirements

Stein Mart EDI 810 Invoicing is included in the EDI program that Stein Mart conducts with vendors of all sizes having a variety of EDI technological capabilities. Stein Mart enables its vendors the option of using their own in house EDI systems or partnering with any 3rd party EDI provider of their choice. For those vendors who may not currently have EDI capabilities, Stein Mart has negotiated a low cost, web based EDI solution with eZcom.

Stein Mart EDI 810 Invoicing

EDI invoices are for merchandise only. All other charges (freight, insurance, etc.) should be billed via separate invoice to Stein Mart Accounts Payable or Transportation departments. All items on the 810 Mapping Guide with an “M” are mandatory, and can only be waived by the Merchandise Accounts Payable (A/P) Manager. If this information is not sent, your invoices will not be processed for payment until they are corrected.

Detail Merchandise Identifier should be SKU or UPC or Model number. You must return the type of merchandise identifier sent to you. Ensure your remit-to information matches your historical remit-to address. Address changes must be submitted in writing to Accounts Payable. Vendor number must match the PO for which you are billing (vendor number is transmitted on the 850 document in the REF02 of the IA) in order to be processed for payment. The EDI Administrator will check the document for mapping errors, and the Accounts Payable Manager will check the integrity of the data. Once the document has been approved by A/P Manager you will be notified as requested to switch to Production Mode.

Vendors should use live data only. Although the 810 test will not be processed as production, live data is necessary to get accurate results for testing. While in test mode continue to send hard copies of invoices to avoid any invoice processing delays. You will be notified via e-mail (or phone) if there are any problems or errors in your invoices while testing and in production.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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