Stein Mart EDI 850 Purchase Order

Stein Mart EDI 850 Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Stein Mart EDI 850 Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases. Any deviation from these standard Terms and Conditions must be obtained IN WRITING prior to the acceptance of the order. Vendors must accept PO’s which are transmitted via EDI. Please do not rely on paper orders, phone orders, worksheets, or verbal commitments without a valid EDI.

Vendors are responsible for reviewing the EDI PO for accuracy, including ship window (Not Before & Not After Dates), cost, ticket and hanger indicators, and payment terms. Do not ship merchandise until all details are confirmed and correction of any PO discrepancies are verified by receipt of an EDI 860 (PO Change) or the retransmission of the 850 Purchase order.

In the event of any agreement to change previously agreed upon PO details, (including ship window, cost, ticket and hanger indicators, or payment terms) – the vendor must obtain authorization from the buying office IN WRITING prior to shipment. The vendor should request an 860 (PO Change) document be sent to them, and should retain the authorization documentation for their reference.

Do not ship merchandise prior to the Not Before Date or after the Not After Date without first obtaining written authorization (preferably an 860 – PO Change). If product is shipped outside of the defined ship window documented on the 850 – PO business recovery charges may be assessed. Shipment of merchandise which does not comply with the applicable PO, whether as to quantity, style, size, color – etc., may result in charges being assessed – even if Stein Mart accepts the merchandise.

Vendors must follow the store distribution information provided by Stein Mart for the PO in question and must not over-ship for any store. Stein Mart reserves the right to reject unauthorized substitutions, invalid orders, canceled orders, early shipments, late “past cancellation date” shipments, over shipments and duplicate shipments (“unordered merchandise”). Stein Marts reserves the right to assess charges in respect of unordered merchandise whether rejected or accepted. Unordered merchandise may be shipped back at our discretion. Inbound & Outbound freight charges will be assessed. No backorders unless specified in writing.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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