Stein Mart EDI 856 ASN

Stein Mart EDI 856 ASN Checklist Guidelines

Stein Mart EDI 856 ASN Checklist requires accurate and timely 856 (ASNs) be provided on all shipments regardless of their destination. This includes shipments routed through our store delivery network as well as those shipped direct to store. The following list is being provided as a supplement to our 856 EDI Implementation Guide to be used as a quick reference. Checklist suggests you review each of the following items immediately prior to sending your ASNs.

Stein Mart EDI 856 ASN Structure

Stein Mart prefers we receive 1 ASN per shipment. If, due to system constraints, a vendor must send one ASN per Ship TO location this is also accepted. If a PO requires more than one trailer to ship, Stein Mart must receive a separate ASN for each trailer.

Stein Mart EDI 856 ASN Timeliness

856 (ASNs) should be transmitted immediately after freight pick up. ASNs must be received by Stein Mart without error no later than 11:00 am (Eastern) the business day following freight pick up.

Stein Mart EDI 856 ASN Accuracy

  • N1*ST (SHIP TO) segment
    • Network shipments list the address of the SDC assigned to the stores allocated on the PO
      • Stein Mart SDC 952 – 767 Douglas Hills Rd. Lithia Springs, GA 30122
      • Stein Mart DC 972 – 767 Douglas Hills Rd. Lithia Springs, GA 30122
      • Stein Mart SDC 953 – 2951 N. Great Southwest Parkway Suite #160, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
      • Stein Mart SDC 954 – 4750 E Zinfandel Ct, Unit A, Ontario, CA 91761
    • Direct to Store Shipment (REQUIRES AUTHORIZATION CODE)
      • Stein Mart Store Number – Store Address
  • N1*SF (SHIP FROM) Segment
    • Must list the actual vendor DC address product is shipping from. (MUST NOT CONTAIN 952, 953, 954)
    • N104 of the N1*SF (SHIP FROM) Segment can ONLY contain either of the following: N1*SF*Vendor Name*91*Vendor Name N1*SF*Vendor Name*91*Vendor’s Location ID
  • N1*Z7 (Mark For) Segment
    • The mark for segment should list the destination store number
  • REF*BM (Bill of Lading Number) – Stein Mart requires all ASNs list the accurate BOL number assigned to the trailer used for shipment. If multiple trailers are required to complete shipment, each trailer should have a corresponding ASN with a unique BOL number. BOL number cannot be repeated within a 12 month period. If shipment is being sent via a parcel carrier, please ensure any entries listed in the CZ segment are repeated in the BM segment.
  • DTM (Ship Date) – Stein Mart requires vendor provide the ACTUAL freight pickup date.
  • TD1*CTN25 (Detail- Shipment) – TD102 must show the correct TOTAL number of cartons at SHIPMENT LEVEL, not order level.
  • LIN* Segment  SKU/UPC values sent in this segment on the ASN, must MATCH the SKU/UPC values from the PO1 Segment on Stein Mart’s 850 transmission.
  • PER*IC (Information Contact) – Stein Mart requires a VALID e-mail address, NOT a vendor phone number. Should an ASN generate errors, all error communication from Stein Mart would be returned to the email address listed on the ASN.
  • Upon receipt, Stein Mart initiates an error detection process prior to accepting an ASN into system. If any hard errors are detected in an 856, the system will reject the ASN entirely and an EDI Error notification will be sent to the email contact in the PER*IC segment. The errors must then be corrected and the ASN retransmitted.
  • Once accepted into the system, 856 (ASN’s) cannot be deleted, recalled, or ignored once the ASN has been processed. If no errors are generated from Stein Mart, ASN’s are sent immediately to our SDC locations for processing. Only ASNs which have been rejected by Stein Mart can be modified and retransmitted.

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