Supplier EDI

Supplier EDI Expectations and Guidelines For Fred’s Trading Partners

Supplier EDI following requirements are necessary to ensure that Fred’s Trading Partners are able to maintain its EDI merchandise commitments. All purchase orders placed within the specified days to process must adhere to a 100% fill rate. All shipments must be ready for pick-up 3 days prior to the “RECV FREDS DC” date.

Supplier EDI Responsibility

  • Loading correct case quantity
  • Ensuring all loaded cases are in good condition
  • Suppliers are required to seal all trucks prior to the truck leaving their ship point
  • Seal information must be noted on the Bill of Lading
  • In the event that a driver breaks the seal during additional “pick ups”, the carrier/supplier must record the additional/new seal number on the Bill of Lading
  • Sufficient shelf life as agreed to by FRED’S and the supplier
  • Securing the load to minimize shifting and maintain case integrity.

Purchase Order Expectations

  • Multiple purchase orders are acceptable on a single truckload.
  • The Supplier must ensure that the correct Purchase Orders are loaded on the designated truck.
  • The carrier is responsible for comparing the Bill of Lading with the load tender/dispatch to ensure they have picked up the correct Purchase Order.

Backorder Policy

  • Shipments will have exact quantity ordered. No backorders, overages, shortages, or substitutions are accepted. All overages and shortages are subject to vendor chargeback.
  • All backorders will be shipped prepaid.
  • Fred’s will not assume any freight expenses associated backorders.
  • If backorders are shipped/comingled with collect freight the freight will be subject to DIM and billed at the prevailing rates plus 20%.

Distribution center shipment requirements

Shipments of multiple purchase orders must not be consolidated in a single shipping carton. All trailers coming onto the Fred’s inbound lot must have proper identification with legible numbers and or letters on the front (nose) and back (door area) of the trailer for identification. Drivers do not assist in unloading the trailer.

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