CAQH CORE 153 Batch

CAQH CORE 153 Batch Processing FAQs CAQH CORE 153 Batch Processing basic rules provide integrity guidelines for CAQH CORE-authorized and new testing vendors. Part 1 FAQs are provided below. 1.Batch processing: Why not FTP or sFTP for batch transactions instead of HTTP/S? HHTTP/S is robust and has a proven track record with batch transactions. The benefits of a single Read More →


EDI CAQH CORE 153 EDI Connectivity And Testing Requirements EDI CAQH CORE 153 EDI Connectivity And Testing basics provide connectivity guidelines for CAQH CORE-authorized testing vendors. Part 2 FAQs are given below. 1. Will all CAQH CORE-authorized testing vendors use the same certification test scripts and the same detailed connectivity method to test the Phase I CAQH CORE Connectivity Read More →


CAQH CORE 153 EDI Connectivity Rule (Eligibility & Claim Status Operating Rules) CAQH CORE 153 EDI Connectivity Rule must be combined when determining the overall CAQH CORE Connectivity requirements. The Part 1 of CAQH CORE 153 EDI Connectivity Rule FAQs is given below. 1. How did CAQH CORE decide that HTTP/S is secure and reliable enough to protect the delivery of Read More →

837 Dental Healthcare Claim

EDI 837 Dental Healthcare Claim Technical Environment Guidelines (Washington State Medicaid) EDI 837 Dental Healthcare Claim technical guides are to be used by members/technical staff of trading partners who are responsible for electronic transaction/file exchanges. Completion of the testing process must occur prior to submitting electronic transactions in production to ProviderOne. EDI 837 Dental Healthcare Claim Read More →