Filling Guidelines

Timely Filling Guidelines For Claim Resubmission/Corrections All resubmitted/corrected claims need to be received by WellFirst Health within the filing limit outlined in your provider agreement. The first day of the filing limit for resubmissions/corrections begins with the date upon which WellFirst Health notifies the providerthat a claim has failed processing or was denied. You will find Read More →

HIPAA Training

Timely Filling Guidelines For Initial Submission (WellFirst Health) The initial submission of a claim is subject to the timely filing guidelines outlined in your agreement with WellFirst Health. If a claim is rejected for improper submission, resubmission must be completed by the provider within the filing limit outlined in your agreement with WellFirst Health. Retain Read More →

HIPAA training

Submitting corrected claims (WellFirst Health) WellFirst Health recognizes that it is sometimes necessary to submit a corrected claim (e.g., changes or corrections needed to codes, dates of service, etc. due to error. Steps for submitting a corrected claim are: Create a new claim with the corrected claim detail(s). Include all lines billed on the original Read More →

WellFirst Health EDI Claims

WellFirst Health EDI Claims Acknowledgement Process WellFirst Health provides acknowledgment of electronic claim submissions through the 277 Claims Acknowledgement (277CA) transaction or the Confirmation Reports Portal. If a provider’s office enrolls to receive 277CA responses, a response file will be generated for each electronic 837claim file WellFirst Health receives. Confirmation reports show all claims accepted in Read More →