HIPAA 7030 271 Transaction: Detail Levels 3-4 HIPAA 7030 271 transaction is intended to meet the particular needs of the health care industry for the reporting of premium payment grace period information from a health plan to a provider. Find info about Header and Detail Levels 1-2 in the previous blog post. Detail Level 3 – Enrollee (2000C) Read More →

HIPAA 7030 271 Transaction

HIPAA 7030 271 Transaction Data Overview: Header, Detail Levels 1-2 HIPAA 7030 271 transaction is divided into five major areas – one header, and four detail hierarchical levels. Header The header area identifies the transaction type and implementation, as well as the transaction date and the business purpose of the specific transaction. ST03 identifies the Technical Report version Read More →

7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification

7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification: Compliance with Implementation Guide Requirements And State and Federal Regulations 7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification transaction complies with ASC X12 implementation guide requirements if the transaction satisfies all format and content rules and constraints specified in the applicable ASC X12 standards and the implementation guide (also known as a TR3) itself. Should Read More →