Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Adopted Standards and Operating Rules HIPAA required HHS (Department of Health & Human Services)┬áto establish national standards for electronic┬átransactions┬áto improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the nation’s health care system. These standards apply to all HIPAA covered entities: Health plans Health care clearinghouses Health care providers who conduct electronic Read More →

HIPAA Rules Checklist

HIPAA Rules Checklist For Basic Audit HIPAA compliance is crucial for protecting patient privacy, maintaining legal and regulatory obligations, preventing data breaches, and fostering trust and confidence in the healthcare system. Compliance helps ensure that patients receive quality care in a secure and confidential environment, which is essential for promoting better health outcomes and patient Read More →

Health Care (HIPAA) EDI

Health Care (HIPAA) EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices Course: Designed specifically for the Health Care Industry This intensive six-webinar class covers all 9 Health Care EDI Transactions. The course instructor has 15+ years of Health Care EDI experience. The target audience for this class ranges from the novice to the seasoned professional. The novice will Read More →

EDI HIPAA webinars

Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Vital Role of Electronic Data Interchange In Healthcare Electronic Data Interchange is the electronic exchange of structured data between computer systems without human intervention. In healthcare, this means the seamless transmission of vital information such as patient records, insurance claims, and administrative data between healthcare providers, payers, and other relevant entities. EDI Read More →