EDI Claims Processing

Healthcare Finances: EDI Claims Processing and Revenue Cycle Management Efficient claims processing and revenue cycle management (RCM) are indispensable components of a healthcare institution’s financial health. Claims processing is the backbone of healthcare reimbursement. It refers to the intricate system through which healthcare providers, such as hospitals and clinics, submit bills and claims to insurance Read More →

EDI healthcare

Benefits of implementing GS1 EDI standards at Ramsay Hospital network In the previous post, we discussed the basis of implementing GS1 EDI standards at Ramsay Hospital. As a result, Ramsay is seeing a wide range of benefits from their EDI deployment, as is every supplier with whom they have worked to implement EDI. Ramsay has achieved Read More →

EDI healthcare

Ramsay Health Care getting the benefits of using GS1 standards implementation. Part 1. The basis Ramsay Health Care was established by Paul Ramsay, in Sydney, Australia, in 1964 and has grown to become a global hospital group operating more than 220 hospitals and day surgery facilities across Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is one of the Read More →

GS1 Standards in Healthcare

Applying Global GS1 Standards in Healthcare Healthcare partners have different business processes and use different standards. GS1 standards are global, created by users for users and can support multiple business processes. GS1 EDI standards in healthcare are developed based on analysing the actual business processes of all companies involved. How to start working with GS1 standards? Check with your local GS1 MO regarding Read More →