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Implementing “Perfect Order” at Mercy Health via EDI and GS1 Standards When ROi/Mercy and BD first began working to establish the perfect order, both companies worked to ensure that every BD product had an established GTIN for every item in Mercy’s item master at each unit of measure. Today, ROi/Mercy leverages these GTINs when ordering, picking and shipping BD products throughout Mercy. Where Read More →

Non-Clean Claim

Non-Clean Claim (Louisiana Healthcare Connections) A non-clean claim is defined as a submitted claim that requires further investigation or development beyond the information contained in the claim. The errors or omissions in the claim may result in: A request for additional information from the provider or other external sources to resolve or correct data omitted Read More →

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Case study: Using GS1 standards to improve EDI accuracy and achieve the perfect order In 2011, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), Mercy Health (Mercy) and its supply chain company Resource Optimization & Innovation (ROi) launched a collaborative initiative to fully automate their order-to-cash process to achieve the “perfect order,” implementing GS1 standards from manufacturing site to patient bedside. This end-to-end integration of global data standards—in Read More →

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Louisiana’s hospital system optimization via GS1 standards implementation: Basic Steps Working closely with Cook Medical, FMOLHS went through a few basic steps to implement GS1 standards, specifically the Global Location Number (GLN) to identify locations and the Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) to identify products. This process is now being replicated with other suppliers: FMOLHS established its hierarchies and Read More →