Healthcare EDI

Healthcare EDI and HIPAA Regulations EDI in Healthcare is a method/system which enables the exchange of business documents in a special electronic format. This system can be used by healthcare providers, hospitals, agents, insurance companies, and governmental agencies. The distinctive feature of EDI is that it eliminates manual processing and paper documents and makes operations Read More →

HIPAA webinars

Electronic Data Interchange in Healthcare is a system Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in healthcare is a system that enables the electronic exchange of business documents between healthcare providers, insurance companies, and government agencies. This process eliminates the need for manual, paper-based transactions, making it more efficient and cost-effective. EDI in healthcare typically uses standard formats, Read More →

Features of EDI

Unique Features of EDI In Healthcare As we know, there are various standards that regulate EDI communication, and Healthcare stands different from standards for supply chain or retail.  EDI standards define specific data and document formats for different transactions. In healthcare, there are nine primary EDI transaction sets: Eligibility benefit inquiry and response (270 and 271): Is sent by providers to Read More →

EDI Communication

EDI Communication In Health Care Industry Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a business-to-business, computer-to-computer exchange of transaction information, such as Health Care Claims, Payments, and Benefit Enrollment transactions. Each of these transaction types has a specifically defined, computer-readable format assigned to it. This is referred to as a transaction set, and more than 300 such sets currently exist. Read More →