276/277 Acknowledgement

276/277 Acknowledgements and Reports (Medical Associates Health Plan) Medical Associates Health Plan HIPAA 276/277 transmissions are used in tandem with the v5010 ASC X12N Implementation Guides, are compliant with both ASC X12 syntax and those guides. As the 276 transaction is designed to be exchanged for a 277 response containing the claim status information sought in Read More →

HIPAA online course

Medical Associates Health Plan Payer Specific Business Rules Submitters may send a 276 claim status request on claims filed electronically (via an 837 Health Care Claim) or on paper. MAHP/HC does not distinguish between paper and electronic claims when issuing a 277 response. Date ranges returned on the 277 response (DTP03) are those submitted on Read More →

276-277 EDI Transaction Guides

Medical Associates Health Plan 276-277 EDI Transaction Guides Before submitting or receiving a 276 or 277 transaction, registration as a Trading Partner with Change HealthCare and testing is required. Before testing with Change HealthCare can begin: Connectivity with Change HealthCare’s Real-Time Exchange Services must be established. The Implementation Coordinator will work to facilitate the setup Read More →

Health Plan EDI

EDI Communication With Trading Partners EDI is the electronic transfer of information, such as claims, remittance advice, eligibility inquiry and claim status inquiry, in a standard format between trading partners. EDI allows entities within the healthcare system to exchange medical, billing and other information and to process transactions in a fast and cost-effective manner. With Read More →