ANSI Claim Rejections Examples ANSI Claim Rejections occur at multiple locations within the electronic EDI claim. Suppliers are strongly encouraged to review all aspects of a claim denial. Find below top 10 ANSI Claim Rejections. X223.423.2400. LX01.030 – This Claim is rejected for the Service line number greater than maximum allowable for payer. 2400.LX01 must be > 0 and Read More →

Celerian Group Company EDI

Celerian Group Company EDI Connection Basics Celerian Group Company EDI team in an effort to ensure minimum downtime/interruption of services promotes effective immediately provision of the business information. How Many Lines Can Be Billed On An Electronic Claim? Part A and HHH: The Service Line Loop is located in the 2400 loop. Only 449 iterations of the 2400 loop Read More →

CAQH CORE 250 Rule

CAQH CORE 250 Claim Status Infrastructure Rule Certification CAQH CORE 250 Rule states that an entity that processes X12 270/271 eligibility transactions, and does not process claim status transactions can become Phase II CORE-certified.  Phase II CAQH CORE Operating Rules do not require an organization to conduct, use or process the X12 276/277 claim status transactions Read More →

CAQH CORE 156 Rule Transactions Tracking: How should the X12 270/271 transactions be tracked? CAQH CORE 156 Rule Transactions tracking can be done throughout a system/application to demonstrate conformance with the response time requirements specified in the CAQH CORE 156 Rule. The CAQH CORE Response Time Rules (CAQH CORE 155 & 156 Rules) require HIPAA covered entities to capture, log, Read More →


  CAQH CORE 156: Real Time Response Time Rule Basic Guidelines CAQH CORE 156: Real Time Response Time Rule indicates that the number of responses returned within the specified timeframe gives a better indication of the information source’s capabilities. Averages can be skewed by outlier responses. Providers do not have to be certified by CAQH CORE to Read More →


CAQH CORE 154 X12 271 Response Back Guides CAQH CORE 154 X12 271 response with the health plan name (assuming it is available within the system[s]) in EB05 element of all EB segments sent back in the response has some notes. Since the CAQH CORE 154 Rule does not explicitly identify which EB segments are to carry Read More →

CAQH CORE 154 Eligibility & Benefits

CAQH CORE 154 Eligibility & Benefits 270/271 Data Content Rule CAQH CORE 154 Eligibility & Benefits 270/271 eligibility data content rule subjects to the general CAQH CORE 260 Rule X12 270/271 requirements. CAQH CORE 154 Eligibility & Benefits 270/271 Guidelines Code 52 is specific to hospital emergency services; Code 86 is general. CAQH CORE selected Code 86 so that Read More →