CAQH CORE 250 Rule

CAQH CORE 250 Claim Status Infrastructure Rule Certification CAQH CORE 250 Rule states that an entity that processes X12 270/271 eligibility transactions, and does not process claim status transactions can become Phase II CORE-certified.  Phase II CAQH CORE Operating Rules do not require an organization to conduct, use or process the X12 276/277 claim status transactions Read More →

CAQH CORE 156 Rule Transactions Tracking: How should the X12 270/271 transactions be tracked? CAQH CORE 156 Rule Transactions tracking can be done throughout a system/application to demonstrate conformance with the response time requirements specified in the CAQH CORE 156 Rule. The CAQH CORE Response Time Rules (CAQH CORE 155 & 156 Rules) require HIPAA covered entities to capture, log, Read More →