Eligibility And Claim Status CAQH CORE Companion Guides For Trading Partners and Providers Eligibility And Claim Status companion guides can be independently created by health plans so they can often vary in format and structure. Such variance can be confusing to trading partners and providers. CAQH CORE adapted its CAQH CORE Master Companion Guide Template based on the CAQH/WEDI Read More →

X12 270 271

CAQH CORE Eligibility & Claim Status Batch Acknowledgements Guidelines CAQH CORE Eligibility & Claim Status Batch Acknowledgements guidelines require that the health plan or information receiver must always return an ASC X12 Implementation Acknowledgement (999) for all functional groups, whether or not the group is rejected. This requirement allows the provider to know within a Read More →


CAQH CORE HIPAA Operating Rules (Eligibility & Claim Status) CAQH CORE HIPAA Operating Rules are mandated for all HIPAA-covered entities by the ACA (with the exception of requirements pertaining to acknowledgments). Find CAQH CORE HIPAA Operating Rules (Eligibility & Claim Status) in the form of FAQs below. What do the Phase I and Phase II CAQH CORE Eligibility & Read More →

270/271 HIPAA

270/271 HIPAA Transaction Validation (Pre-Query and Post-Query) (Washington State Health Care Authority) 270/271 HIPAA Transaction validation (Washington State Medicaid’s 270/271 transaction) will perform a pre-query validation to make sure the required Subscribe data elements are preset prior to routing the information to Eligibility and Benefit system. For Subscriber request below data elements can be submitted: Read More →

Washington State Health Care Authority EDI

Acknowledgement Procedures 270/271 Transaction Notes (Washington State Health Care Authority) Acknowledgement Procedures 270/271 transaction subject general HIPAA standard requirements as well as Health Care Authority 270/271 transaction guidelines. HIPAA EDI allows covered entities to submit and retrieve the HIPAA mandated transactions from Washington State Medicaid. Covered entities (clearinghouses, providers, health plans) are required to successfully complete EDI testing for Read More →

EDI 5010

EDI 5010 Version Changes EDI 5010 recent updates can influence correspondence in healthcare claims exchange and flow between partners. It is recommended that both parties take part in EDI 5010 updates testing procedures in order to prevent delays or issues in processing your claims cycle. EDI 4010 to EDI 5010 basis The centers for Medicare and Read More →

271 ASC X12

271 ASC X12 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification: public review of Implementation Guide (007030X344) 271 ASC X12 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification Implementation Guide (007030X344) was developed by Insurance Subcommittee of ASC X12. Now this guide is available for public view. During this period the committee will provide an informational forum where the audience can discuss the document, review comments and Read More →

270/271 healthcare

270, 271 Healthcare Eligibility, Coverage and Benefit Inquiry (270) and Response (271) EDI Transaction Definition 270, 271 Healthcare transactions, their relationship, functions and purposes will be described further in the post. The 270 transaction is the EDI function that requests eligibility and benefit information from the Insurance Company of the patient. It is set to receive Read More →