Medical Billing Software Vendor

How To Choose A Medical Billing Software Vendor For Submitting HIPAA Claims To Manitoba Health? Prior to selecting a medical billing software vendor the list of questions should be considered including requirements for the MHHLS billing applications. Installation: What is the waiting period for delivery and installation? Training: Is the training included in the purchase price? How Read More →


HIPAA EDI Tests Guidelines for Providers (Part 2) HIPAA EDI Tests will be reviewed by MHHLS staff to determine areas where MHHLS requirements are met and areas where further testing is required. Practitioners may use fictitious patient demographics on test submissions. Some practitioner’s software programs will not allow fictitious patient data to be populated in thepractice management Read More →

EDI Enrollment

EDI Enrollment Guidelines And Assistance Steps EDI Enrollment steps described in the blog will help Manitoba Health providers to make a smooth transition to a new medical billing system. You will be provided with forms and instructions after contacting Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors. If you are required to submit ICD-9-CM codes (required on Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Read More →


AlphaMCS Claims And Secondary Claims Processing AlphaMCS Claims can be submitted via a web-based provider portal that allows providers to submit claims to the LME/MCO. Claims can be submitted via a CMS 1500/UB04 or via an 837P/I. The daily cutoff for nightly adjudication is 5pm. The claims are adjudicated nightly. For claims submitted via CMS1500/UB04, the claims status is Read More →

Claim Submission

Claim Submission Guidelines For Alliance Behavioral Healthcare Providers (Fiscal Year 2019) Claim Submission guidelines for providers require an attestation for claims submitted through the provider portal. The claim submission deadlines for Medicaid and State contracts are different. Both timelines are stated in the respective contracts and are also listed below. State or Locally Funded Services Original Read More →

Tracking Claims

Tracking Claims Operation Guides (The American Medical Association (AMA)) Tracking Claims can be used by physician practices. They can submit and resubmit large quantities of claims at one time, in bulk, quickly and efficiently. For example, if categories such as a specific date of service, a date range or a specific patient’s claims are required Read More →


Pre-Auditing And Tracking Claims Operation Guides (The American Medical Association (AMA)) Pre-Auditing Claims is available for practice management software systems, clearinghouses, billing services or other claims transmission vendors for missing or incorrect information (such as an invalid patient identification number, a diagnosis code that is no longer valid or gender misidentification) prior to their submission Read More →

Electronic Claims

Electronic Claims Submission Steps (The American Medical Association (AMA)) Electronic Claims Submission method should be considered by physician practices before starting claims submission process. Electronic claims may be transmitted by: Dial-up method, which uses a telephone line or digital subscriber line for claims submission.(Clearinghouses typically supply the physician practice with the software required forcommunication between the physician practice’s computer and Read More →

Electronic Claims Submission

Electronic Claims Submission Manual Requirements For The American Medical Association (AMA) and the Connecticut State Medical Society Providers Electronic Claims Submission manual guides determine an “electronic claim” as a paperless patient claim form generated by computer software that is transmitted electronically over telephone or computer connection to a health insurer or other third-party payer (payer) for Read More →