EDI Control Segments (Envelopes)

EDI Control Segments (Envelopes) – Emdeon 837 Claims Notes EDI Control Segments (Envelopes) notes are given in today’s post to provide the information necessary to facilitate electronic interchange of healthcare transactions with Emdeon. Emdeon partners with hundreds of practice management system vendors to bring the connectivity to the network. EDI Control Segments (Envelopes) Necessary Points Read More →

EDI Acknowledgment Emdeon

EDI Acknowledgment – Emdeon Submitter Guidance EDI Acknowledgment Emdeon implementation guidance is given below in today’s post for supporting claim acknowledgment transactions in response to a submitted 837 5010 claim file. Emdeon strongly recommends that submitters accept EDI Acknowledgment transaction responses. 837 5010 EDI Acknowledgment File received from Submitters Emdeon generated EDI acknowledgment transactions in response Read More →

Affinity Health Plan EDI

Affinity Health Plan EDI Reports via Emdeon Clearinghouse Affinity Health Plan EDI reports are available to Affinity Health Plan EDI partners from Emdeon to reconcile the claim submissions, and identify rejected claims for correction and re-submission. The basic types of Affinity Health Plan EDI reports sent via Emdeon Clearinghouse are given below. Affinity Health Plan EDI Read More →

Affinity Health Plan EDI

Affinity Health Plan EDI General Information Affinity Health Plan EDI claims submitting information given below regard the partners sending claims for the first time and those who are participating in the Affinity provider network. Notes listed below must be taken into account. Modify the tables in your billing system to include your Billing NPI and Rendering NPI on Affinity Read More →


Ingham Health Plan EDI Claim Forms Guidelines Ingham Health Plan EDI Claims should be sent directly to Emdeon (Ingham Health Plan clearinghouse). In order to to participate in electronic claims submission partnership with Ingham Health Plan your party must be a customer of  Emdeon. Also your party can send Ingham Health Plan EDI Claims using the service of any Read More →

EDI 5010

EDI 5010 Version Changes EDI 5010 recent updates can influence correspondence in healthcare claims exchange and flow between partners. It is recommended that both parties take part in EDI 5010 updates testing procedures in order to prevent delays or issues in processing your claims cycle. EDI 4010 to EDI 5010 basis The centers for Medicare and Read More →

837 institutional claim

837 Institutional Claim scenario and mapping guidelines 837 Institutional Claim example presented in today’s post shows a standard 837 Institutional claim. As we spoke in our previous post, the 837 Healthcare Claim transaction has three different implementation guides specifically developed for Professional, Institutional and Dental claims. The specifications are geared to meet the individual requirements Read More →

837 professional claim

837 Professional Claim scenario and raw data 837 Professional Claim example mentioned in this post shows a standard 837 Professional claim file. It includes data from the provider of Service indicating the member’s demographic information, diagnosis, services rendered and charges. 837 Professional Claim data will be used by the Insurance Company to determine what benefits Read More →

837 EDI

Health Care Claim: general definition, purposes and benefits coordination Health Care Claim 837 transaction is the EDI function that submits health care claim form to the Insurance Company of the patient whom has received care from a Provider of Service. The Health Care Claim form contains specific data related to the Patient, Provider of Service, Insurance Read More →