EDI Order Processing

EDI Order Processing Description (Supply Chain) EDI Order Processing described in this blog presents and explains the retail order cycle application. There are four major functions in the EDI Order Processing: •Inventory Status (to determine what to order) Purchase Order creation (by retailer or by vendor) Purchase Order Acknowledgment (by vendor to retailer) Invoice what product Read More →

EDI Purchase Order

EDI Purchase Order Creation EDI Purchase Order belongs to the most used electronic transactions in supply chain and retail. Typical information sent in the ordering cycle (Purchase Order/Invoicing): PO identification information (PO Number, PO Date, Contract Number, Release Number) Currency Information (currency used, exchange rates etc.) Internal Reference Numbers Free Form Notes FOB and Carrier Read More →

Family Dollar 850 EDI Mapping

Family Dollar 850 EDI Mapping For ITD, DTM And TDS Segments Family Dollar 850 EDI Mapping Notes given below establish necessary guidelines for the Purchase Order Transaction Set (850) mapping practice (ITD, DTM and TDS segments). The Family Dollar 850 EDI Mapping guidelines described in this blog post are presented in the form of notes and do not cover Read More →

EDI 856 Ship Notice

Family Dollar Purchase Order Mapping: ISA, GS, REF, FOB Segments Family Dollar Purchase Order Mapping EDI Notes given below establish necessary guidelines for the Purchase Order Transaction Set (850) mapping practice. The Family Dollar Purchase Order transaction set can be used to provide for customary and established business and industry practice relative to the placement of Read More →

Retail EDI Transactions

Retail EDI Transactions: 850, 852, 855, 856, 857 Retail EDI Transactions descriptions in today’s blog post cover such electronic data interchange transactions as Purchase Order (850), Product Activity Data (852), Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855), Shipment Notice/Manifest (856) and Shipment and Billing Notice (857). The mentioned retail EDI transactions are widely used in supply chain industry Read More →

DWS EDI Purchase Order

DWS EDI Purchase Order and Invoice Notes and Guides DWS EDI Purchase Order requirements regard to all vendors partnering with DWS (Designer Shoes Warehouse). More guidelines may be found in previous two posts devoted to DWS EDI Purchase Order guides. Vendor shall prepare a separate invoice for each department and each EDI PO within a shipment. All documents Read More →

DSW EDI Purchase Order

DSW EDI Purchase Order: General Terms and Conditions DSW EDI Purchase Order is subject to Buyer’s General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, the Vendor Requirements and Guidelines, and the DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) Domestic Footwear & Accessories Logistics Guide. By accepting DSW EDI Purchase Order, the vendor acknowledges receipt and agrees to be bound by the Read More →

Macy's 850

Macy’s 850 Outbound Purchase Order (VICS Version 5010) Macy’s 850 Outbound Purchase Order mapping guides described in today’s post are subjected to VICS Version 5010. Macy’s 850 Outbound Purchase Order will be sent in VICS 850 Spreadsheet, extended format. Effective 1/5/2011, the SLN segment will be populated in the 850 transmission when ordering in one or more size Read More →

purchase-order EDI

Indigo Books 850  transaction details Indigo Books 850 Purchase Order must correspond the demands described in this post. Vendor must deliver (or have order ready and available in full to be handed over) on the Carrier Hand-over date indicated on the Indigo Books 850 Purchase Order. Product ordered as part of one Purchase Order cannot be received against a Read More →

850 Purchase Order

850 PO as one of the common EDI transactions 850 PO is the most commonly used EDI transaction. The 850 PO contains at least 70% of information that will be used on the Invoice and the Advanced Ship Notice. The 850 PO transaction could be implemented as a single transaction between the buyer and seller. The transaction set Read More →