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Standard Carton Pack Structure (856 ASN) The Standard Carton Pack structure should be used in an environment where identical SKUs are packed within one or more physical shipping containers [e.g.,12 blue twin-size sheets (one U.P.C.)]. The transaction hierarchy is: Shipment, Order, Item, and Packaging (Tare and Pack). In this structure, the Item level is subordinate Read More →

Packaging Levels Structure

856 Pick and Pack Hierarchical Structure The Pick and Pack structure should be used in a Pick and Pack order filling environment. Typically, when different SKUs are packed within the same physical shipping container [e.g., 48 men’s shirts in 3 colors and 4 sizes each (12 different U.P.C.s)], at least one packaging level must be Read More →

Hierarchical Levels

EDI Ship Notice/Manifest Hierarchical Levels The concept of hierarchical levels is a key feature of the Ship Notice/Manifest. Applying a common hierarchy to levels of data allows the supplier to describe the details of a physical shipment in an electronic format. In this way, the receiver can successfully process the transaction – correctly associating the Read More →

EDI 856 Ship Notice

EDI 856 Ship Notice/Manifest Flow Guides When using the Ship Notice/Manifest, the user must have a clear understanding of the following: Business processes which initiate the Ship Notice/Manifest EDI documents that surround the Ship Notice/Manifest The actual required events The timing of those events, and The need for accuracy when describing shipment contents. The Supplier Read More →