EDI Submission Verification

EDI Submission Verification (NJ Medicaid EDI Guides) EDI Submission Verification (TA1 Interchange Acknowledgements) will be available to the EDI Submitter upon completion of uploading (dropping-off) their interchanges on the Website as long as the submitter stays connected. If the submitter disconnects immediately after dropping-off their interchange and does not receive their TA1, then the EDI Read More →


IEHP EDI Functional Acknowledgement/Reports (837 Health Care Claim: Professional Transaction) IEHP EDI Functional Acknowledgement/Reports – TA1 – Interchange Acknowledgement – enables the receiver to notify the sender when there are problems with the interchange control structure. As the interchange envelope enters the EDFES, the EDI translator performs TA1 validation of the control segments/envelope. The sender will only receive a Read More →

Washington State Health Care Authority EDI

Acknowledgement Procedures 270/271 Transaction Notes (Washington State Health Care Authority) Acknowledgement Procedures 270/271 transaction subject general HIPAA standard requirements as well as Health Care Authority 270/271 transaction guidelines. HIPAA EDI allows covered entities to submit and retrieve the HIPAA mandated transactions from Washington State Medicaid. Covered entities (clearinghouses, providers, health plans) are required to successfully complete EDI testing for Read More →

EDI Acknowledgment Emdeon

EDI Acknowledgment – Emdeon Submitter Guidance EDI Acknowledgment Emdeon implementation guidance is given below in today’s post for supporting claim acknowledgment transactions in response to a submitted 837 5010 claim file. Emdeon strongly recommends that submitters accept EDI Acknowledgment transaction responses. 837 5010 EDI Acknowledgment File received from Submitters Emdeon generated EDI acknowledgment transactions in response Read More →

999 acknowledgement

999 Acknowledgement: basic definition and example The HIPAA 999 Implementation Acknowledgement 005010X231 transaction is a response that confirms a file was received and could be properly read by the translator. This transaction is intended to be used in version 5010. The 999 Acknowledgement can also report on exactly what syntax-related issue caused the errors on the Read More →