What do you get from EDI and ERP Integration? The integration of EDI into ERP system makes it possible to automate business processes on different operational levels. Together, it accelerates the operational cycle and optimizes information transfer.  For example, we have a customer and supplier. In a situation when the customer’s stock is running out, Read More →

Enterprise resources planning EDI

Why should you integrate EDI into your ERP system? Both ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) are tech solutions that help to increase business productivity. They are an integral part of modern business that facilitates communication and empowers operations.  Both approaches continue to grow and develop. At some stage, almost all businesses will Read More →

EDI certification

Vendor Requirements For EDI Transactions Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business data in standard formats. It is the way to speed the flow of data by exchanging documents electronically, thus eliminating the need for manual processes. For vendors that have already shipped to Best Buy RDCs and DDCs, the below EDI Read More →