cigna 270 and 271

Cigna 270 and 271 Eligibility and Benefits HIPAA Transactions: Questions And Answers Cigna 270 and 271 Eligibility and Benefits Transactions provide access to Medicare Beneficiary eligibility data in a real-time environment. Providers, clearinghouses, and/or third party vendors may initiate a real-time 270 eligibility request to query coverage information from medicare on patients for whom services Read More →

Passport Health Plan EDI

HIPAA 5010 Compliance At Cigna (Frequently Asked Questions) HIPAA 5010 transactions are currently accepted and sent at Cigna in support of HIPAA 5010 compliance.  Cigna is committed to helping physicians and hospitals successfully use HIPAA 5010 transactions. When the transition to HIPAA 5010 transaction is complete, Cigna expects that health care professionals and customers will benefit from even quicker Read More →