Clean Claim Requirements

Clean Claim Requirements (Cigna vendors) Clean Claim Requirements were developed with the goal to process all claims at initial submission. Before Cigna can process a claim, it must be a “clean” or complete claim submission, which includes the following information, when applicable: primary carrier explanation of benefits (EOB) when Cigna is the secondary payer prescription for physical Read More →

EDI Claims

Cigna Electronic Data Interchange Claims Process Cigna Electronic Data Interchange vendors securely transmit data electronically to Cigna and gain many benefits of this process. Filing paper claims can be time consuming. When you submit claims to Cigna electronically, including coordination of benefits (COB) claims, your practice can gain many benefits such as: Quicker claims submission, including Dental Health Read More →

cigna 270 and 271

Cigna 270 and 271 Eligibility and Benefits HIPAA Transactions: Questions And Answers Cigna 270 and 271 Eligibility and Benefits Transactions provide access to Medicare Beneficiary eligibility data in a real-time environment. Providers, clearinghouses, and/or third party vendors may initiate a real-time 270 eligibility request to query coverage information from medicare on patients for whom services Read More →

EDI Contracting

HIPAA 5010 Guides Compliance At Cigna (Frequently Asked Questions – Continued) HIPAA 5010 Guides represented today in the blog refer to the transactions that are currently accepted and sent at Cigna in support of HIPAA 5010 compliance. Cigna is committed to helping physicians and hospitals successfully use HIPAA 5010 transactions releasing its HIPAA 5010 Guides FAQs. HIPAA 5010 Guides Read More →