EDI Transportation

EDI Transportation Management System Validation Requirements For DSW Vendors EDI Transportation Management System is an instrument for online routing requests and approvals. EDI Transportation Management System and all EDI documents in it are secured and a login/password will be issued to a vendor at least two weeks prior to enrollment. EDI Transportation Management System is designed to Read More →

EDI Notes

EDI Notes: Domestic Routings General Routing Instructions For DSW Vendors EDI Notes For Domestic Routings (domestic merchandise)  include the following: All requests for routing need to be submitted via a Routing Request form and emailed as an attachment to traffic@dswinc.com. Transportation prefers that all communications regarding routing such as changes, questions, or requests be conveyed Read More →

EDI Routing Instructions

EDI Routing Instructions For DSW Vendors EDI Routing Instructions given below refer to vendor-controlled routings. From time to time vendors may have full containers of merchandise for the DSW; however, the FOB is listed as “named point” within the United States to a location other than vendor’s DC. Transportation will accept the FOB point to “a DSW Consolidator” Read More →

EDI Routing Requirements (Transportation Guidelines by DSW) EDI Routing Requirements relesed by DSW Transportation department will route all shipments when DSW is the responsible party for payment of freight charges. The vendor’s copy of DSW EDI purchase order should reflect the correct commercial and freight related terms for the merchandise. If there are any discrepancies in freight terms or EDI Read More →

Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Terms and Requirements for New and Existing Vendors Except as modified by these Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Terms and Requirements, all merchandise shall be packed for shipment in full compliance with Vendor’s standard commercial practices and with the DSW Domestic Footwear & Accessories Logistics Guide, as amended from time to time. Acceptance of a Read More →

Designer Shoes Warehouse UPC

Designer Shoes Warehouse UPC Catalog (832) Guidelines Designer Shoes Warehouse UPC Catalog requirements demand that the company will establish a UPC data trading relationship with all UPC enabled vendors. Once this relationship is established, all orders sourced by the Designer Shoes Warehouse buyers are to be labeled with the vendor’s UPC tag. Shipments delivered missing the Designer Read More →

Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Requirements

Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Requirements General (EDI Vendors) Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI policy was described in the previous post. We have already mentioned that Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI program was developed for faster and more effective business workflow. This is benefitial for all parties invloved in the EDI processing. Today we will mention some general Designer Shoes Warehouse Read More →


Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Policy General Info Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Policy was developed for optimization of supply processes in the company and therefore facilitating business workflow. Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Policy requires all Designer Shoes Warehouse vendors to exchange business documents via EDI. These documents include purchase orders (850 PO), purchase order changes (860 POC – Buyer Initiated), Read More →


DSW EDI Carton Packing General Instructions DSW EDI Carton Packing instructions need to be accepted by a vendor. Any DSW EDI Carton Packing exceptions initiated by a vendor must be pre-approved by the vendor relations. General DSW EDI Carton Packing guidelines are given below. Vendors cannot mix POs, styles, or colors within cartons. Cartons need to Read More →