Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Terms and Requirements for New and Existing Vendors Except as modified by these Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Terms and Requirements, all merchandise shall be packed for shipment in full compliance with Vendor’s standard commercial practices and with the DSW Domestic Footwear & Accessories Logistics Guide, as amended from time to time. Acceptance of a Read More →

Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Requirements

Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Requirements General (EDI Vendors) Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI policy was described in the previous post. We have already mentioned that Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI program was developed for faster and more effective business workflow. This is benefitial for all parties invloved in the EDI processing. Today we will mention some general Designer Shoes Warehouse Read More →

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DSW 856 ASN Memo and Notes DSW has been frequently running into an issue with incorrect ship to IDs being sent in the N104 element of DSW 856 ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) transaction sent to DSW. This is causing the processing of the DSW 856 ASN to fail. DSW have been manually correcting the ship to Read More →