EDI Technology Solution

EDI Technology Solution For Myer Suppliers (Part 2 – Customised development, Third party scanpack providers) When estimating EDI Technology Solution, mention that it should have all the required components identified by the Myer. There are a number of solution providers with packages accredited by Myer that will meet all of the requirements of the Myer EDI process. There are several choices Read More →

EDI Technology Solution

EDI Technology Solution For Myer Suppliers (Part 1 – Established solutions) EDI Technology Solution that meets the Myer EDI – Electronic Trading requirements will have all the required components identified by the Myer. When estimating a total solution cost, price quotes should incorporate all these components listed below: User interface (pick/pack): To facilitate the creation of the Advanced Ship Note and Read More →

Halliburton Partner EDI

Halliburton Partner EDI Program Requirements Halliburton Partner EDI Department manages the set-up and transmissions of electronic business documents between Halliburton’s suppliers, customers, freight forwarders and banking partners. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a way to exchange business documents electronically with Halliburton using established standards for file formats and transmission methods. EDI is used to integrate with Read More →

EDI Communication

EDI Communication (Myer Supplier Standards And Requirements) EDI Communication with Myer is driven by fully electronic messages moving the information (EDI – electronic data interchange transactions) associated with these products. This includes purchase orders, advanced ship notices (ASN’s), Logistics (SSCC) carton/fashion bag labels and retail GTIN (EAN) price tickets.  Myer is committed to trading via EDI and Read More →

Barneys EDI Program

Barneys EDI Program Basic Guides Barneys EDI Program (Electronic Data Interchange) enables the exchange of business documents (such as a purchase order, advanced shipping notification, invoice, etc.) according to a pre-established standard (ANSI X.12), thus facilitating the automation and integration of trade, from system to system (i.e. ERP). EDI is an electronic alternative to traditional transactions manually exchanged via mail, Read More →

Testing EDI Transactions

Testing EDI Transactions (Barneys EDI Trading Partners) Testing EDI transactions with Barneys is a part of vendor registration. This is a mandatory step for all suppliers and the EDI agreement is standard for all. Testing appointment: A Barneys EDI provider (InterTrade) representative will contact you to ensure your readiness to receive a generic test PO. Pre-testing validations: There Read More →

Barneys EDI & Catalog

Barneys EDI & Catalog Compliance: Business Communication With Vendors Barneys EDI & Catalog program helps to communicate with vendors, strengthen existing trading partnerships and integrate supplychain activities for improved business efficiencies. Barneys ecCatalogue is a product data repository containing important marketing, packaging, pricing and regulatory information about products. Sharing this data between suppliers and retailers greatly simplifies supply chain Read More →

EDI Invoicing Instructions

EDI Invoicing Instructions (The Finish Line Vendors) EDI Invoicing Instructions cover requirements for EDI invoices (document 810) received from The Finish Line EDI vendors. Vendors are required to trade all supported EDI documents either through traditional EDI or via the web-based solution. All invoices must include the following: Vendor name, address, and phone number(s). Vendor account number. Vendor Read More →

Hayneedle Shipping Label

Hayneedle Shipping Label Requirements (Drop Ship) Hayneedle Shipping Label is an identification label affixed to a container which specifies contents of the shipping container. Hayneedle Shipping Label helps describe and specify what’s inside a package. Hayneedle has certain requirements when it comes to shipping labels. The company requires that vendors use Hayneedle preferred carriers and use the correct labels in Read More →

Hayneedle EDI Vendor

Hayneedle EDI Vendor Purchase Order Processing And Invoicing Hayneedle EDI Vendor is required to ship all purchase orders complete; no split-shipments are allowed. Deviation from this requirement could result in additional shipping charges to Hayneedle which will be billed back to the vendor. Vendors must be able to receive and acknowledge Purchase Orders sent electronically from Hayneedle. Read More →