EDI shipping

Nexteer Types of Labels and Packaging Nexteer Automotive requires three types of labels depending on how material is packaged for shipment as described below: The Container Label (Global Supplier Label) SHALL be used to identify a single pack containing the same part number. It is the most commonly used shipping/parts identification label. A Master Label Read More →

shipping label

Nexteer Shipping Label: Size and Material A label used to identify the contents of the container. Master Label is a label used to identify and summarize the total contents of a multiple pack of a single part number within the same container (i.e. pallet of boxes of same material number.) Mixed Load Label is a label used Read More →

EDI shipping details

Ryder EDI Shipping Notes And Special Handling Charges Ryder will not provide a ship to code at the header level on the EDI 850. Complete shipping and sold to addressing details will be on every purchase order. Ship-to and Ship-from address information is required on all invoices. Shipping address information is supported at the header level Read More →

Nexteer EDI

Nexteer EDI Label Requirements When EDI is used in conjunction with the Shipping/Parts Identification Label, the data areas shall be coordinated. If you send an Advance Ship Notice (ASN 856 Transaction) to Nexteer Automotive, the bar code data on the label must be consistent with the transmitted ASN data. EDI Master Label A master label Read More →

EDI Barcodes

Creating EDI Barcodes: GS1 US Guidelines The quality of the barcode is critical for a successful scan. Your barcode could look great on the package and be formatted perfectly; but if it fails to scan, it may require manual keying of the GTIN® and could potentially lead to lost sales and market share from customers at checkout. Read More →


Identifying Locations Using a GLN The Global Location Number (GLN) is used to identify the locations of parties involved in business transactions. These can be functional groups within a company or real, physical “places” that might ship, receive, process, or hold inventories, like: Legal Entities: Whole companies, subsidiaries or divisions within a company, health system corporations, Read More →

EDI Barcoding

GS1 EDI Barcoding Guidelines GS1 Barcodes come with a membership as a GS1 US® Member, you’ll have access to a variety of tools, expertise, and support to help you as your business grows. Every barcode number starts with a GS1 Company Prefix. Make sure your products are correctly identified as yours. Sign up online and you’ll Read More →

GS1 Standards

GS1 Standards In Healthcare: Medical Devices As medical device manufacturers mark their products with unique device identifiers (UDI) per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) UDI Rule, these UDIs are available for point-of-care (POC) scanning by healthcare providers. Many manufacturers have chosen to use GS1 Standards to implement the rule. Thus, for many healthcare Read More →

UPC Barcoding

Use your U.P.C. Company Prefix to create and view practice barcodes The number in a U.P.C. barcode (called a GTIN®) is typically 12 digits long. This tool helps illustrate how you create a GTIN-12: It starts with your U.P.C. Company Prefix that was assigned to your company when it became a member of GS1 US. Read More →

Online Courses

EDI Academy Online Courses Schedule Autumn-Winter 2020 Become a certified EDI professional by completing EDI Academy webinars. Live webinars – opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for dozens of companies and trading partners. Get a 100+ page course manual. Choose between All-Industries or Health Care EDI. Some courses have pre-requisites. Choose Read More →