EDI Custom On-Site Training

EDI Custom On-Site Training For Teams and Companies EDI custom on-site training provided by EDI Academy is a good chance to educate your staff by a group training. EDI custom on-site training classes are designed to give a foundation of practical knowledge about EDI applications and how they apply to your business. At our EDI custom Read More →

Supply Chain EDI

EDI Webinars description and schedule Supply Chain EDI Webinars are designed both for novice and experienced EDI professionals. Supply Chain EDI 101 – Introduction To EDI Webinar Times: Mondays at 11:30 AM – 01:00 PM EST – 2020 Dates: October 26th or December 7th Register a la carte: https://attendee.gototraining.com/rt/2058003596147129089 History and Origin of EDI Major Read More →

EDI errors

EDI Errors (BWS ACK files) Find some insights as for the errors in EDI documents and steps to resolve these errors. The information below details the description of errors reported in the EDI ACK file and/or WCAIS EDI Web portal application and how to correct the error. Code/ID Invalid, Not Statutorily Valid, Must be Valid Content, or Must be>=Date of Injury etc…. Filer Read More →

GS1 Data Capture

GS1 Data Capturing Standards GS1 Data Carriers are capable of holding varying amounts of data to accommodate different needs for different products. The data encoded in GS1 Data Carriers not only uniquely identifies products at every level of packaging, it provides access to product information and visibility of product movement through the supply chain. Barcodes Read More →


REQDOC EDIFACT Message (Request For Document) REQDOC EDIFACT Message is used to request the last successful CUSRES of an entry. The LRN and or MRN must be provided in the REQDOC. A CUSRES will be sent to verify if the request can be fulfilled or not followed by the CUSRES in question if available. Note Read More →

EDI Consignment Orders

EDI Consignment Orders (Purchase Order (850)) The Purchase Order (850) not only accommodates standalone, and blanket order business scenarios, the Purchase Order (850) also accommodates consignment order business scenarios. Consignment order business scenarios have a lot in common with stand-alone Purchase order in that the use or inclusion of GTIN and GLN can be accommodated Read More →

EDI Data Source

EDI Data Source (GTIN and GLN Data Exchange) Trading partners preparing to exchange EDI transactions which include GTIN and GLN will need to undertake efforts to exchange GTIN and GLN data to lay the foundation for using GTIN and GLN in EDI transactions. Product Data Determine the appropriate level for the exchange of GTIN information Read More →

EDI errors

EDI Migration Strategy (GTIN and GLN Implementation) EDI Migration Strategy should be defined by trading partners for using GTIN and GLN in transactions. EDI transaction standards support numerous types of identifiers for products and parties/locations, including both GS1 identifiers and Non-GS1 identifiers. Because GTIN and GLN are global identification standards that can be used by all Read More →

EDI Terminology

EDI Terminology: Basic Terms For Usage In order to understand the process of EDI communication more thoroughly we refer to the below listed terms that describe particular elements of EDI transaction. Segment: Segments are what make up an EDI document. Segments consist of data elements that are logically related. The following is an example of the Read More →

EDI solution

EDI For Business: Effective Solutions EDI enables the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents, such as purchase orders, advance ship notices, and invoices, between companies using a standard format, regardless of the kind of computer or software each company is using. EDI “bridges the gap” between companies and systems, and uses standardized business messages to enable Read More →