Nexteer Labels

Nexteer Labels and Packaging (Supplier Requirements) Three types of labels are required by Nexteer Automotive depending on how material is packaged for shipment: The Container Label (Global Supplier Label) SHALL be used to identify a single pack containing the same part number. It is the most commonly used shipping/parts identification label. A Master Label must Read More →


KOSTAL EDI Suppliers Guides Web EDI is an Internet-based application for KOSTAL suppliers who cannot operate a conventional EDI connection. Here are the functions: Transmission of the delivery plan call-offs via an Internet server Automatic e-mail notification for new call-offs Displaying, printing and downloading and comparison of call-offs Overview of outstanding order quantities Delivery notification with Read More →

GDSN Network

GDSN Network Guides For a distributor to do their job correctly and ensure the operator is happy, they need to know exactly what they are purchasing before doing so. They need to see the nutritionals, know if there are allergens like peanuts or gluten in the product, and understand the item’s pack size. This is where Read More →


Dot EDI Supplier Requirements Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most efficient way for suppliers to send and receive electronic business transactions. This includes pricing, purchase orders (PO), PO confirmations, invoices, advance ship notifications (ASN), and sales reports. Dot uses EDI to place orders with its supplier partners and communicate with customers, buying groups, and brokers. It helps to improve service to all Read More →