GTIN: How to Identify Products If you need to identify products for retail point of sale or at all package levels (inner packs, cases, and pallets), or if you need to identify medical devices for U.S. FDA UDI, you’ll need a GTIN. A Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN) is the number you see underneath the Read More →

GS1 Standards

GS1 Standards for UDI Rule UDI Rule establishes a unique device identification system for medical devices (“the UDI Rule”). Under the rule, the healthcare community and the public will be able to identify a device through a Unique Device Identifier (UDI) that will appear on the label and package of a device in both plain-text format Read More →

GS1 standard

The GS1 Global Standards System The GS1 System is an integrated suite of global standards for identifying, capturing, and sharing supply chain information, including: globally-unique numbering formats (identification numbers) for identifying supply chainobjects including products, business locations, and more; barcodes and radio frequency identification (RFID) for capturing identification numbers; and data synchronization and electronic information Read More →

Cloud computing

Cloud computing and services Cloud computing means the ways of storing and accessing data in the Internet, not on the hardware. Cloud computing covers various computing services over the Internet — servers, databases, data storages, software. It is often called simply “the cloud”. This type of data storing and processing is innovative and flexible – these Read More →