EDI Messages Processing And Acknowledgement of Receipt (Hella Group Supplier EDI Integration) EDI Messages shall be processed as soon as possible after receipt, but in any event, within the time limits. The protocol acknowledgment (e.g. the End-to-End Response EERP) is always used unless otherwise agreed. Any higher level acknowledgement of receipt should be exchanged according to the specific Read More →

Hella Group Supplier EDI Connection Guidelines Hella Group Supplier EDI Integration into the business processes requires an optimal exchange of information. Hella Group exchanges business and CAD data with its suppliers via a direct connection (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange) or via web portals. All electronic data exchange directives are applied for by the responsible purchasing unit. For data exchange Read More →

Heidelberg Electronic Data Interchange Supplier Basics Heidelberg Electronic Data Interchange introduction for communication with suppliers is part of the EBusiness-Process of Heidelberg. It is the aim of Heidelberg Electronic Data Interchange to reach an exclusive application of EDI in the communication with supplier, where commercially viable and where the necessary IT infrastructure is in place. The option of Read More →

EDI Specialist Qualification Requirements For EDI Manager EDI Specialist is one of the most demanded professions in B2B and e-commerce business areas. Today we start a series of posts dedicated to EDI specialist qualification requirements and EDI professions. Below you will find basic qualifications requirements description, general responsibilities, specific responsibilities and activities applicable to EDI Manager. Maybe, you are Read More →

Adient Logistics Requirements: International Shipping Adient Logistics procedures require all shipments to be accompanied by appropriate documentation. Documentation may include, but not limited to, packing slip, bill of lading, FTA certificates, commercial invoices, CMR (EU and Asia) and hazardous materials information. Carrier information must be included in the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) transmission to allow for Read More →

International Shipment Labeling Guidelines International Shipment Labeling procedures for Adient suppliers require special labeling, other than the Odette standard. Adient Trade Compliance team should be contacted to assist in obtaining the proper labels required if needed according International Shipment Labeling procedures. When shipping sample parts for Adient part submission or new revision level, the “Sample Part” label Read More →

General Label Specifications: Adient Shipping Labeling General Label Specifications require suppliers to ensure that all materials shipped to Adient are correctly labeled and that the labels are properly attached. Label Size: 4.0 inches (102mm) high by 6.0 inches (152mm) wide. Label Color: White label with black printing (there may be some plant specific color requirements). Adhesives: Adhesive Read More →

Stein Mart Accounts Paybale EDI Invoice Requirements Stein Mart Accounts Paybale EDI Invoice requirements ensure invoices are paid accurately and timely. Stein Mart Accounts Paybale EDI procedures apply to paper and electronic invoices. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in additional processing that may cause late payments. Stein Mart requires vendors submit invoices using Read More →

Adient Labeling Requirements For Suppliers Adient Labeling Requirements adherence, as well as the packaging requirements, is mandatory and will be continuously monitored. Non-compliance to these instructions will be brought to supplier attention through the issuance of a DMR (Discrepant Material Report) by Adient receiving plant. Suppliers must ensure that all materials shipped to Adient are Read More →

Adient EDI Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) Requirements Adient EDI Advanced Shipping Notice is the electronic transfer of shipment data from a supplier to a customer. Accuracy is imperative in order to maintain the integrity of information related to inventory records, MRP/supplier schedules, and invoice payments. ASN timeliness is critical to information accuracy and functionality. Failure to Read More →