EDI supply chain

RVCF Guidelines: Technical Error Notification The EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement (FA) communicates technical errors in EDI syntax, but not those identified when the data is processed by the receiver’s business application. In discussion with RVCF members, it finds that in retail, FA’s are fairly well understood, commonly used and successful. EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgements are mandatory Read More →

Supply Chain

RVCF Supply Chain Guidelines: Digital Communication and EDI Errors in Shipping and Receiving Digital communication errors can be categorized as technical or business. Technical errors include syntax errors that occur when the data file does not meet the applicable technical specifications. This means the data cannot be “translated” into a format that is usable to the receiver Read More →

EDI retail

RVCF Retail Survey Summary: ASN Error Notifications Error notifications can either be “push” or “pull”. Push notifications include EDI transactions and email notifications sent from the retailer to the supplier. Pull notifications include data that can be found on the retailer’s portal such as scorecards. Vendor scorecard information can include non-compliance information related to ASN Read More →

EDI Standards

RVCF Supply Chain Guidelines: EDI Standards While it is useful to discuss best business practices, or at least common business practices for the retail industry, the reality is that different retailers have different, and in some instances, opposing, requirements for EDI transactions and processes. There are many examples of this with the ASN. For instance, Read More →