EDI Document

EDI Document: A Traditional Business Document Or Something New? EDI Document is a single business document transmitted via EDI and comprised of data elements, segments and envelopes formatted according to a particular EDI standard. EDI contains the same data that is contained inside its paper equivalent. When trading partners create an EDI document, such as a purchase order, they must Read More →

EDI shipping labels

Finish Line Shipping Labels (Label Placement – Shipping Cartons) Finish Line Shipping labels must be placed in the lower right hand corner of the long end of the carton. Finish Line Shipping labels basic demands: A standard GS1-128 shipping label is required with minimum grade quality of ‘B.’ GS1-128 carton numbers must be 20 digits Read More →

EDI online education

Roundy’s Supermarkets EDI Program Vendor Basics Roundy’s Supermarkets EDI program goal is to improve business relationship with vendors and continue to remove unnecessary costs from the supply chain. Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc. requires all vendors must be able to receive a purchase order and return an invoice using an EDI solution in the manner specified in the Roundy’s Read More →

EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice

EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice (Indigo Books & Music Inc.) EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice is an electronic document (EDI 856 transaction) that is used to describe the actual contents of a shipment. It is critical to ensure your EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice is loaded into Indigo Books & Music Inc. Warehouse Management System priorto your shipment Read More →


EDI 855 POA And 860 POC (Indigo Purchase order Acknowledgement And Purchase Order Change) EDI 855 POA And 860 POC are the transactions required by Indigo to use in business communication with its vendors. 855 Purchase order Acknowledgement is an electronic document (EDI 855) that is used to confirm the terms and details of the Purchase Read More →


Indigo EDI Purchase Order Vendor Requirements Indigo EDI Purchase Order will specify the required fields like Purchase Order number, Creation Date, ‘Ship To’ and ‘Bill To’ locations and other. The full list of data specified on Indigo EDI Purchase Order: Indigo Books & Music Inc. Purchase Order number. This is a 10-digit number beginning with the numbers 45 (i.e. 4512345678) Purchase Read More →

Indigo EDI UPC Code

Indigo EDI UPC Code And GS1-128 Label Vendor Requirements Indigo EDI UPC Code or EAN (International Article Number; formerly European Article Number) is provided on all products shipped to Indigo Distribution Centres (“DCs”) or Stores. Vendors are responsible for ensuring that UPC Code is unique scannable and correct. UPCs and EANs must meet the specifications defined by the Read More →

EDI Solution

EDI Solution (Indigo Books & Music Inc. Vendor Requirements) EDI Solution applied at Indigo expects that all vendors will transact via EDI from the initial onset of Indigo commercial relationship. There are significant productivity and process visibility gains that are realized through the use of EDI Solution. EDI Transaction sets Indigo believes that the ability to conduct Read More →

Vendor Shipping Requirements

Vendor Shipping Requirements – Carton Packing Guidelines For Finish Line Vendor Merchandise Vendor Shipping requirements regarding carton packing note that all cartons must be adequately manufactured, labeled, and otherwise marked to ensure that product is delivered to Finish Line Distribution Center in store “Ready to Sell” condition. Deviations from the following guidelines could result in expenses and delays Read More →

Bar Code Requirements

Bar Code Requirements – EDI Finish Line Vendor Compliance Program Bar Code Requirements for Finish Line vendors were developed in order to provide successfull bar code scanning. All bar codes on all tickets should fall within the following Bar Code Requirements. The Finish Line uses a barcode verifier that measures the quality of the bar codes which Read More →