Simon & Schuster EDI Supplier

Simon & Schuster EDI Supplier Delivery Requirements And Guidelines Simon & Schuster EDI Supplier Delivery appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance of delivery.  The following information is required to obtain a delivery appointment: Shipper Company Name ASN Number (Domestic shipments will not be assigned an appointment without an ASN) Purchase Order Read More →

Simon & Schuster Electronic Data Interchange

Simon & Schuster Electronic Data Interchange Vendor Requirements Simon & Schuster Electronic Data Interchange streamlines electronic exchange of business documents between Simon & Schuster and its business partners. EDI emulates paper based documents. One of the key benefits of Electronic Data Interchange is that it reduces human intervention or re-keying on either end of the transaction. What are the Read More →

EDI Webinars

EDI Webinars: EDI Academy helps specialists grow their careers EDI Webinars program by EDI Academy offers our clients nine online courses of different EDI and HIPAA specifics: EDI 101 – Introduction To EDI (EDI Fundamentals Training) EDI 110 – EDI Connectivity and On-Boarding EDI 201 – EDI Enveloping & Structure EDI 301 – ASN & Read More →

Electronic Data Interchange

Can Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Enhance Your Corporate Social Responsibility? Modern business conditions demand more than just having a genius mind and outstanding technologies. We live in the era when entrepreneurs and staff become more and more “clever”, use the latest state-of-the-art technologies and instruments, and business competition comes to the highest level. So what Read More →

Shipping Carton Labeling

Shipping Carton Labeling Guidelines For Wegmans Vendors Shipping Carton Labeling Requirements cover Direct Import Shipments and Domestic Shipments guidelines depending on a type. Direct Import Shipments are those where Wegmans is the Importer of Record. Domestic Shipments are those where vendor is the Importer of Record or goods are manufactured within the United States. Shipping Carton Marking Requirements Read More →

General Shipment Requirements

General Shipment Requirements: Simplified Transportation & Receiving  General Shipment Requirements: Purchase orders must ship complete o Wegmans does not accept back-orders. Wegman prefers to arrange its incoming freight whenever it is logistically possible. Wegmans backhaul pickups are expected to have a weight limit of 42,000 pounds and built using quality standards for axle weight distribution. If a Read More →

Product Identification Requirements

Product Identification Requirements (Wegmans Vendor Requirements) Product Identification Requirements at Wegmans state that vendors identify their products with UPC barcodes (also known as EAN/UPC Symbols) that can be scanned at point of sale in Wegmans retail stores. Your UPC barcode symbols must include a valid Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN® ), the first part of which includes a Read More →

EDI transactions

Wegmans EDI Transmissions Utilization Guides Wegmans EDI Transmissions are recommended for suppliers in order to better facilitate communications between the vendor and Wegmans. The appropriate EDI transactions for each supplier are determined based on replenishment type. Warehouse- 875,856,880 (UCS) Quick response- 850,856,810 (x12) VMI warehouse- 852, 855, 856, 880 (UCS). The first critical step of successful Wegmans EDI Read More →

Volkswagen U.S. EDI

Volkswagen U.S. EDI Communication Data Flow And Message Formats Volkswagen U.S. EDI Communication works on TCP/IP internet point-to-point connections based on the OFTP2 – Protocol. VANS (Value Added Network Services), where communication is handled via a provider, are only permitted in exceptional cases. If supplier intends to use a provider, supplier has to notify Volkswagen Group of America in Read More →


Setting Up EDI Communication (Volkswagen Group Of America EDI Program) Setting Up EDI communication runs solely via the VWAG computer center in Wolfsburg. VWAG acts as a service provider of Volkswagen Group of America and therefore Volkswagen Group of America is able to use and provide access to the Volkswagen supplier portal. Applying for the ODETTE code Read More →