EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement

EDI 997 FA: indicating receipt of transaction The EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement (FA) is a transaction sent by the receiver of a transaction to the sender. It indicates receipt of the transaction and syntactical acceptance or rejection by indicating to the sender any technical problems encountered by the translator. It is not intended to serve as Read More →

EDI transaction

What does a Control Number in an EDI transaction mean? Control numbers are assigned by the outbound translator at the Interchange, Group and Document level. Each level has a “record” with indicates the start and stop for that level. The Interchange (the whole EDI envelope for that transmission) has an ISA / IEA (start and Read More →

EDI transaction

EDI Basics: Format, Translation, and Control Numbers The Technical Components for an EDI message include: The ISX record is an optional component which indicates that the transmission contains qualifiers from other EDI versions, a foreign language or special characters. An EDI transaction is made up of the Interchange, Group, and Document (Transaction) sections. Control numbers Read More →

EDI webinars

Vendor-Neutral EDI Education And Certification: 2024 Schedule EDI Academy has been providing Electronic Data Interchange for more than 15 years. It elevates the adoption of EDI and opens new job opportunities for those who became EDI Academy Certified Professionals.  👉 15 years on the market 👉 10 000+ attendees 👉 12 training classes  👉 EDI Read More →