Gentex Standard Over-Pack Label

EDI Carton Label Requirements (Finish Line Vendor Shipments) EDI Carton Label Requirements cover solid order labels, inner pack label, pre-pack footwear label, pre-pack apparel label guides for Finish Line vendor shipments. Matching EDI Documents to create solid order labels The words “Style”, “Color Code”, “Size”, and “Quantity” are not required. Information may be left justified GS1-128 labels are required. If Read More →

EDI training

Implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for a big retailer This requires a well-planned and executed process. Here are some steps to consider when implementing EDI for a big retailer: Assess the Current State of the Business: The first step is to assess the current state of the business, including the existing IT infrastructure and business Read More →

EDI middle-size business

Electronic Data Interchange in a middle-size business: PROS and CONS Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between trading partners. Implementing EDI in a middle-size company has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of implementing EDI in a middle-size Read More →

EDI In Business

Difference between EDI and general electronic operations Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and common electronic operations refer to different aspects of electronic communication and data exchange in business operations. EDI is a specific type of electronic communication that involves the exchange of structured data between different computer systems. This structured data can include purchase orders, invoices, Read More →