EDI Standards

RVCF Supply Chain Guidelines: EDI Standards While it is useful to discuss best business practices, or at least common business practices for the retail industry, the reality is that different retailers have different, and in some instances, opposing, requirements for EDI transactions and processes. There are many examples of this with the ASN. For instance, Read More →

ASN automation

RVCF Error Prevention, Notification and Root Cause Analysis for Shipping and Receiving RVCF business guidelines focus on a specific business process and the use of digital communications including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), portals, and emailed reports, photographs and videos. Digital Communication Components In general, there are at least three software applications used in digital communications: The software Read More →

EDI conference

EDI Academy took part in 2023 Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) Annual Fall Conference Michael Kotoyan, an EDI Academy Founder and Instructor, presented a special program – Supply Chain EDI 201 EDI Enveloping and Structure. The presentation included explaining components of the EDI Environment (translator, mapper, personnel) and key terms related to the structure of EDI (e.g., Read More →

EDI guidelines

RVCF Business Process Guidelines for Digital Communications / EDI Work Group The Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) has made a research to create a retail industry guideline around business processes and digital communication. Issues discussed in the report Why Business Process Instead of Technical Guideline? Companies downsized / eliminated their “EDI Department”; some never had one. Read More →