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EDI Contracting Between Electronic Vendors and Passport Health Plan EDI Contracting is possible for providers interested in submitting claims electronically to the Plan. Providers can contact the EDI Technical Support Group to obtain names of other EDI clearinghouses and vendors for succesful EDI Contracting. After the registration process is completed and you have received all of your Read More →

Passport Health Plan EDI

Passport Health Plan EDI Requirements for Medical and Hospital Claims Passport Health Plan EDI Program encourages all providers to submit claims electronically. Passport Health Plan EDI Program allows faster, more efficient, and cost-effective claim submission for providers. EDI, performed in accordance with nationally recognized standards, supports the health care industry’s efforts to reduce administrative costs. Read More →

EDI Claims

EDI Claims LifeWise Requirements And Guides EDI Claims for LifeWise are accepted in electronic form either by direct submission or from selected clearinghouses. Sending EDI Claims offers advantages: Less time spent on claims preparation Cost savings through prevention of loss and potential delay Detailed claim acceptance and rejection reporting Faster claims processing and response times A Read More →

Healthcare EDI Transactions

Healthcare EDI Transactions Real World Difference HIPAA The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996 as President Clinton responded to the need for more efficient healthcare services at lower costs. The solution was signing into law the Kennedy-Kassebaum Act. This act is also known as Health Insurance Read More →

837 Healthcare Claim

HIPAA 837 Transaction related documents and indutry guides HIPAA 837 Transaction has some more directly and indirectly related transactions like the Healthcare Claim Status Request (276) and Response (277) & the Healthcare Claim Remittance Advice (835). The 837 transaction is the submission of the claim. The 276 Claim Status transaction allows the Provider of Service to check Read More →

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HIPAA Implementation General Guides and Notes HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was enacted in 1996. The “Administrative Simplification” provisions of HIPAA require that certain types of transactions among health care entities be conducted in a standard format when they are conducted electronically. These transactions include: Submitting claims Receiving remittance advice statements Querying patient Read More →

Empire EDI Program

Empire EDI Program Guidelines For Partners Empire EDI Program offers a range of electronic connectivity services to suit the various technology needs of its providers. While Empire tries to keep the information of Empire EDI Program as accurate as possible, the company disclaims any implied warranty or representation about the accuracy, completeness, or appropriateness of the information for Read More →

HIPAA 837 Institutional Claim

HIPAA 837 Institutional Claim Mapping Guides For HAP Midwest Health Plan Partners HIPAA 837 Institutional Claim EDI transaction set is used to exchange institutional health care claim information from providers of health care services. HIPAA 837 Institutional Claim transaction can be submitted either directly or via intermediary billing services and/or claims clearinghouses. HIPAA 837 Institutional Claim Read More →