DSW 832 EDI Transaction (Price/Sales Catalog) Mapping Notes DSW 832 EDI Transaction notes described in this blog contain those important for the usage of the Price/Sales Catalog Transaction Set within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The DSW 832 EDI transaction set can be used to provide for customary and established business and industry Read More →

Oregon Health Plan EDI

Oregon Health Plan EDI Partnership Program Guidelines Oregon Health Plan EDI program will be right for you if you submit 15 or more claims a month. You can submit EDI claims directly to Oregon Health Plan using your current office management software, or contract with a service that transmits the EDI claims for you (e.g., Read More →

Rocky Mountain Health Plans EDI

Rocky Mountain Health Plans EDI Program Guides Rocky Mountain Health Plans EDI initiative was developed for  easy and comfortable claims submitting, improving cash-flow, receiving immediate feedback on claims, eliminating mail and handling time for the claims. Rocky Mountain Health Plans EDI initiative allows to reduce administrative expenses (paper, stamps, envelopes) and speed-up claims processing with less Read More →

Oxford Health Plans EDI Mission General Directives Oxford Health Plans EDI program is an advanced form of electronic business-to-business communication that instantly links your computer system with Oxford Health Plans, other health plans, and government payers. Patient information is transferred between health care professionals and payers in a standardized, secure, and efficient manner. With Oxford Health Read More →


X12 EDI Loops Structure Typical X12 EDI loops structure does not look like XML format file – it is difficult to see where one block ends and another block begins due to absence of so called closing tags. In order to see X12 EDI loops and understand the structure of the file, one should have Read More →

EDI X12 Message

EDI X12 Message Typical Structure in Brief In the previous posts in our blog we have already written about EDI X12 standard in general. Today we will try to explain typical structure of the EDI X12 message and we take 837 Healthcare Claim (HIPAA) release version 4010 document as an example. General notes about EDI X12 file Read More →

dsw edi

DSW 856 ASN Memo and Notes DSW has been frequently running into an issue with incorrect ship to IDs being sent in the N104 element of DSW 856 ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) transaction sent to DSW. This is causing the processing of the DSW 856 ASN to fail. DSW have been manually correcting the ship to Read More →


DSW EDI PO: Common Guidelines DSW EDI PO (Purchase Order) is an electronic data interchange transaction sent using a standardized format that has been agreed upon by the industry standards council. While DSW individual requirements can vary, DSW EDI PO still maintain the standardized format and base requirements per type of document while allowing flexibility in the Read More →

EDI considerations: EDI position on global market EDI considerations described in the previous posts are not the only points that play the role of stumbling blocks for some companies during EDI integration. Speaking abour EDI in general, we should mention that shifting to EDI means that you will get a total control of your company’s operations Read More →

DSW EDI Purchase Order

DSW EDI Purchase Order: General Terms and Conditions DSW EDI Purchase Order is subject to Buyer’s General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, the Vendor Requirements and Guidelines, and the DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) Domestic Footwear & Accessories Logistics Guide. By accepting DSW EDI Purchase Order, the vendor acknowledges receipt and agrees to be bound by the Read More →