Barcoding EDI

Barcoding and Global GS1 Standardization World business communications count a hundred thousand different companies and organizations. Doing common worldwide business demands general rules and directives that help many companies reduce inter-industry problems. Global standards provide common language of information exchange, identification and business rules. Due to this, companies can cooperate in some vital points that Read More →

EDI Mapping

EDI Mapping Notes: Learn Useful Tips The content of the data and the format of the data have to make sense to the mapper.  If the mapper feels that the input or the output format of the data is unreasonable (e.g. too much unnecessary data) then the mapper should make the case for this concern and Read More →


How EDI Works: Discovering The Advantages How EDI Works? This is a popular question usually asked by business owners, company managers, operational staff at EDI Academy trainings. Although EDI is quite widespread technology, there still remain some points to be discussed. Those who are not connected to electronic data interchange not always understand the difference Read More →

IP Address

IP Address Definition and Types IP address (Internet Protocol address) is identified as a unique address for computing devices (personal computers, smartphones, tablets etc.) and serves for communication in the IP network. This means that any device that is connected to the IP network must be identified as an entity and have its unique IP. Read More →

ANSI encoding

ANSI Format: a “doubled” modification of former ASCII ANSI Format was developed by The American National Standards Institute and presents itself as a Microsoft-related standard for character set encoding. Also ANSI Format serves as a modified ASCII (the American Standard Code for Information Interchange) character set. If we compare the ASCII code and the ANSI Read More →

Correct Billing Procedures

Health Partners Plans Correct Billing Procedures Health Partners Plans has identified the most common electronic errors that occur and compiled a list of helpful hints. All Health Partners Plans (Medicaid) claims must be submitted with the Member’s 9 digit Health Partners Plans ID number. All Kidz Partners (CHIP) claims must be submitted with the 10 digit Read More →

Incorrect EDI Billing Procedures

The most common electronic errors Health Partners Plans has identified the most common electronic errors that occur. Find below the incorrect billing procedures: DO NOT submit claims with the Member’s 10 digit access number or their Social Security number. DO NOT submit Kidz Partners (CHIP) claims with the member’s Social Security number only. DO NOT Read More →


HIPAA X12 EDI Training Bundle: The detailed course agenda Learn about Health Care EDI Environment and dive into deep mapping. Register for a training bundle. HIPAA EDI 101 – Introduction To The Health Care EDI Environment  Introduction to the Health Care EDI Environment  Health Care EDI Defined Benefits of Health Care EDI X12 Standards X12N Workgroups Read More →

Claims Processing

Health Partners Plans EDI Claims Processing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the sending and receiving of information using computer technology. Any standard business document that one company would exchange with another; such as a purchase order, invoice, shipping schedule, inventory inquiry, and claim submission; can be exchanged via EDI between the two parties, or trading Read More →


EDI via SFTP and FTPS: usage and challenges EDI via SFTP and FTPS belong to the most commonly used communication protocols for electronic data interchange. EDI via SFTP and FTPS allows connecting business partners directly as well as via service providers. Some time ago, FTP was considered to be the most reliable transport mean with Read More →