EDI training online

EDI Webinars Autumn-Winter Release EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices training for all industries including supply chain, retail, manufacturing, finance, and many more. All the webinars are live, instructor-led, and are conducted on a monthly basis. These webinars cover both an overview of EDI, an in-depth understanding of the technology, benefits EDI has to offer and a Read More →

GS1 Guidelines

GS1 Guidelines for the Transport Pick-up / Drop-off Request and Confirmation Transactions Transport Pick-up / Drop-off Request message enables the request for an appointment to collect goods at a pick-up location or to deliver goods at a drop-off location. Initial information about the collection and delivery of goods may already have been exchanged in the transport instruction. Read More →

Transport Status Notification

GS1 Guidelines: Transport Status Notification This scenario allows for the exchange of information regarding the status of transport execution progress at any point (in time or place) within the full transport chain. A status message may be sent: as the result of a request or requests for information (through the Transport Status Request message) regarding Read More →

Transport Instruction EDI

Transport Instruction EDI Message – GS1 Standard Guidelines The main objective of the Transport Instruction is to communicate the arrangements (through the agreed conditions) of the movement of the goods (including collection and delivery) between all parties involved and providing the information necessary to perform the handling of the goods. The Transport Instruction will be Read More →

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability Testing In Electronic Data Interchange Interoperability Testing is a kind of software checking that confirms whether the definite software can interoperate with partner software or its components. The successful results of interoperability testing proves the required functionality between communicating systems as required by specifications. There are different levels of EDI interoperability testing: Physical Interoperability Read More →

HIPAA EDI Acronyms

HIPAA EDI Acronyms and Definitions Learn basic HIPAA EDI acronyms and definitions to understand the terminology used in health care CMS guidelines. EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – the process of using nationally established standards to exchange electronic information between business entities. HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 – legislation that mandated that Read More →


B2B (Business-to-Business) Relationships B2B model means a type of business relationships where two companies sell products or services to each other. This model does not refer to companies and end consumers’ relationships (business-to-consumer or consumer-to-business models). B2B may be treated as supportive enterprise relationships between two business to reach the benefits goal, e.g. between manufacturer Read More →

EDI Claims

Health Partners General Requirements for the Electronic Claims Submission Process (837 Professional Claims) Find below Health Partners Plans general guidelines for 837 Professional Claims Submission. Only loops, segments, and data elements valid for the HIPAA 837 Professional (005010X222A1) Technical Report Type 3 will be translated. Deviating from the Technical Report Type 3 and submitting invalid data will Read More →

837 Institutional

General Business Requirements for the 837 Institutional 5010A2 Claims Submission Process (Health Partners Claims) These mapping guidelines will address a variety of issues that will facilitate the Electronic Media Claims Processing for the 837 Institutional (005010X223A2). Coding Guidelines Use most recent ICD-9, CPT, HCPC, and Revenue codes. Always check for 4th and 5th digit code Read More →

837 Institutional Claims

General Requirements for the Electronic Claims Submission Process (837 Institutional Claims) EDI Claims guidelines facilitate the Institutional Claims Submission Process. Only loops, segments, and data elements valid for the HIPAA 837 Institutional (005010X223A2) Technical Report Type 3 will be translated. Deviating from the Technical Report Type 3 Guidelines and submitting invalid data will cause files to Read More →