Sporting Life EDI UPC

Sporting Life EDI UPC And EAN Code (Universal Product Code And International Article Number) Requirements Sporting Life EDI UPC And EAN Codes must be provided by all vendors via NPLS or Product Catalogue. UPC or EAN codes are required; as this is how Sporting Life’s supply chain identifies products, and is integral to its receiving process. Sporting Life does not Read More →


EDI DELFORP (Delivery Forecast Planned Delivery) Continental Transaction EDI DELFORP message informs Continental about planned deliveries well in advance. Planned deliveries is designated as ‘planned receipts’ in the following blog post. This message type is required for the Supply Chain Monitor (SC Monitor). The SC Monitor is a web-based monitoring system of the current supply situation. There are three Read More →


E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) Definition And Classification E-Commerce is a business-to-business (B2B) initiative aimed at communicating business transaction documents on a real-time or near real-time basis between known trading partners, such as suppliers, customers and, increasingly, between a supplier’s supplier or a customer’s customer. This is the movement from simple B2B to electronic business-to-business (EB2B). Electronic Commerce as Read More →

EDI Certification

EDI Certification (Partner Compliance Checking) EDI Partner Certification (Compliance Checking) is a bundle of steps aimed to passing technical and informational compliance and meeting business partner requirements. The results of EDI Partner Certification show that a new trading partner satisfies the set requirements, its technical and informational resources are approved by the organization and a new partner Read More →

Continental EDI ASN

Continental EDI ASN (Global ASN and Delivery and Transport Data) Continental EDI ASN message becomes mandatory and Supplier needs to send an ASN in case Continental requires the Supplier to take part in the TOMS and/or SC Monitor project. The same applies if a Continental location requires an ASN transmission for the receiving process. Supplier generate the ASN at the Read More →

Kongsberg Automotive Packaging

Kongsberg Automotive Packaging Proposal And Requirements Kongsberg Automotive packaging proposal for each part number is presented by supplier and approved by Kongsberg Automotive after packaging trial. The proposed packaging is defined for each part number separately in the Packaging Proposal Form, which is to be signed by supplier and approved by Kongsberg Automotive. Proposed packaging shall be in Read More →

Kongsberg Automotive EDI

Kongsberg Automotive EDI Manual Partner Rquirements Kongsberg Automotive EDI program has a target to achieve 100% Electronic Data Interchange between Kongsberg Automotive and the Supplier to eliminate manual interference in the information flow. It is the intention of the Parties to render their exchange of information more effective by replacing the flow of paper between them with EDI. Read More →


HARMAN EDI Shipping Advice Guidelines For Suppliers HARMAN EDI Shipping Advice to the responsible carrier must be sent in time to comply with the due date of delivery to the destination (unloading point) specified by HARMAN. The carrier must be provided with all data relevant to the delivery prior to shipping. These data include: Collection address: Address of Read More →

HARMAN Electronic Data Interchange

HARMAN Electronic Data Interchange Requirements HARMAN Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as method of information interchange is fundamental to all supplier relations with HARMAN. SUPPLIER should use EDI to receive and transmit information (such as delivery call-offs/ scheduled releases) from and to HARMAN. Suppliers who do not have an existing EDI link to HARMAN must establish an Read More →