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EDI: The connection between companies and systems EDI enables the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents, such as purchase orders, advance ship notices, and invoices, between companies using a standard format, regardless of the kind of computer or software each company is using. EDI “bridges the gap” between companies and systems, and uses standardized business messages to Read More →

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HIPAA EDI Webinars: Online Instructor-led training Join online EDI training at EDI Academy in June. Training goes in a format of online instructor-led webinar. Attendees have the possibility to work with real-world examples and to ask the instructor EDI-related questions. Schedule and registration HIPAA EDI 101 – Introduction To The Health Care Health Care EDI Defined, Benefits Read More →


The New England Electronic Commerce Users Group (NEECOM) Spring Conference is just 4 weeks away Attention All B2B/EDI, AP, Purchasing, and Supply Chain Professionals. The New England Electronic Commerce Users Group (NEECOM) is thrilled to announce that it is back for an IN PERSON NEECOM Spring Conference this May 18th-19th, 2022 in Westborough MA at the Doubletree Read More →

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SARS EDI Documents: STATAC (STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT) The STATAC message is used by the SARS to send daily and detail transaction listings to traders with deferment accounts that are registered to have their FAN (Financial Account Numbers) linked to an EDI profile. STATAC provides traders the ability to reconcile their declarations against their transactions categorised Read More →

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REQDOC (REQUEST FOR DOCUMENT) SARS Explained The REQDOC message is used to request the last successful CUSRES of an entry. The LRN and or MRN must be provided in the REQDOC. A CUSRES will be sent to verify if the request can be fulfilled or not followed by the CUSRES in question if available. Note Read More →

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PRODAT (PRODUCT DATA) Message SARS Overview Tariffs are amended on a regular basis and get published in the Government Gazette. Agents then need to update their master files with the amended information in order to supply the correct tariff information on declarations. This is a time consuming, tedious capturing and checking effort. With the introduction Read More →

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CUSCAR: Customs Cargo Report (SARS EDI Guides) The CUSCAR message is used for supplying manifest information to SARS electronically. For each CUSCAR message received, SARS will return a CUSRES message with either a Status 6 (Rejected), Status 8 (Accepted) or Status 9 (Duplicate). Illustration below shows the relationship between EQD and SGP segments. To learn Read More →


SARS EDI Messages: SANCRT (International Movement Of Goods Governmental Regulatory Message) The Issuing Authority will submit permits electronically to SARS as soon as they have been issued. Permits will be sent according to the UN/EDIFACT SANCRT message format. An electronic permit received by SARS may have one of the following three statuses: Original (A new Read More →


GESMES (Generic Statistical Message) (SARS Guides) Exchange Rates are received daily from the SARB (Reserve Bank of South Africa) which are then uploaded into the relevant SARS system. These rates used to be printed out by Customs and faxed to Agents from where it had to be re-captured into their internal applications. With the implementation Read More →

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CONTRL (Syntax and service report message) (SARS EDI Transactions) Once a UN/EDIFACT message is received, the data is automatically translated to ensure the information received conforms to the UN/EDIFACT syntax rules. Once this is established, a CONTRL (Syntax and Service Report) message is sent to the sender of the UN/EDIFACT message, detailing the conformance, or Read More →