Barcoding Bulk Items

Barcoding Bulk Items: Do it Best Corp. Requirements It is the Do it Best Corp. policy that every retail unit should have a barcode number assigned in the GTIN field of Do it Best Corp. Product Code file. Also, vendors should apply barcodes on: Individual retail units Shipping containers Use of UPC/EAN vs. SCC-14 (ITF-14) In Read More →

EDI Container Barcode

Assignment of Shipping Container Barcode EAN/UCC-14 (SCC-14) (Do it Best Corp.) The UCC specifically states that a GTIN assigned to an individual unit should not appear on a ship pack containing more than one retail selling unit. Allowing the use of UPC/EANs on shipping containers can be misleading. When distribution facilities scan inbound products, for example, Read More →

EDI webinars

Do it Best Corp. Private Label Barcode Requirements The type of barcode used on ship cartons is different from that applied to retail products. These procedures are designed to help vendors in assigning the correct retail and shipping container code numbers on Do it Best Corp. private label merchandise. Assignment of SKU Number A SKU number Read More →

EDI training

EDI corporate training programs In today’s fast-paced business environment, upskilling employees in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. EDI, the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format, streamlines operations, reduces errors, and enhances communication with partners. Corporate training programs focused on EDI can significantly boost efficiency and Read More →