The cost of EDI

Is the cost of EDI implementation skyrocketing and how to reduce it? If your company decides to implement EDI in-house, you should be ready for that owning software and hardware requires substantial financial resources. In-house maintenance is necessary, so you will need an EDI team or even an EDI department. The cost of EDI support Read More →

EDI Databank

EDI Academy The Ultimate EDI Sample Databank An EDI database repository that contains hundreds of claims and other EDI transactions with SNIP-LEVEL edits. It’s $150 per year per user, and you will get continuous updates. It is accessible via the EDI Academy EDI Viewer. Our current repository is an enormous amount of test data (de-identified) Read More →

EDI errors webinar

Detecting errors in EDI data Errors and missing fields in the EDI data is quite common pitfall. The reasons can be different: from breaking the agreed requirements to big volumes of data (documents). Some EDI formats may be tricky when data is translated and processed, so catching and fixing errors can be challenging. But manual Read More →


Challenge of joining a complex EDI partner network We start a series of posts devoted to EDI pitfalls and challenges – #edi_pitfalls. Today we speak about B2B network and how it influences EDI integration.  In times of global trade, business networks become more and more complex. Partner ecosystems involve the cooperation of dozens, hundreds, or Read More →