Product Development

Product Development/Merchandising Definition and Stages (VICS EDI) Product Development/Merchandising is the process of planning and promoting sales. This includes the development of new product specifications, projecting production requirements and establishing in-store display product presentations. Let’s take a look at the Merchandising Business Processes in the cycle. Marketing. Generating product sales through advertising and promotional programs/incentives. Marketing also includes collecting consumer data Read More →

EDI Item Information Request (893)

VICS EDI Transaction Item Information Request (893) The Item Information Request (EDI 893) is a standard electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction set used for requesting detailed information about products from a trading partner. This transaction is commonly used in the retail, distribution, and manufacturing industries to obtain specific item-related information that is crucial for inventory Read More →

Promotion Announcement (889)

Promotion Announcement (889) Transaction Description The Promotion Announcement (EDI 889) is a standard electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction set used to communicate promotional information from a manufacturer or supplier to retailers, distributors, and other trading partners. This transaction helps streamline the announcement and implementation of promotional activities, ensuring all parties have the necessary details to Read More →

EDI transactions

Product Activity Data (852) Transaction Description The Product Activity Data (EDI 852) is another standard electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction set used by businesses to communicate detailed information about product activity. This transaction is especially useful in supply chain management, retail, and manufacturing industries where tracking product performance, sales, and inventory movement is essential for Read More →