ANSI encoding

ANSI Format: a “doubled” modification of former ASCII ANSI Format was developed by The American National Standards Institute and presents itself as a Microsoft-related standard for character set encoding. Also ANSI Format serves as a modified ASCII (the American Standard Code for Information Interchange) character set. If we compare the ASCII code and the ANSI Read More →

Correct Billing Procedures

Health Partners Plans Correct Billing Procedures Health Partners Plans has identified the most common electronic errors that occur and compiled a list of helpful hints. All Health Partners Plans (Medicaid) claims must be submitted with the Member’s 9 digit Health Partners Plans ID number. All Kidz Partners (CHIP) claims must be submitted with the 10 digit Read More →

Incorrect EDI Billing Procedures

The most common electronic errors Health Partners Plans has identified the most common electronic errors that occur. Find below the incorrect billing procedures: DO NOT submit claims with the Member’s 10 digit access number or their Social Security number. DO NOT submit Kidz Partners (CHIP) claims with the member’s Social Security number only. DO NOT Read More →


All Industries EDI Training Bundle: The detailed content Let’s get closer to EDI Academy training. Learn the detailed content of All Industries EDI Training Bundle. Register at the best price (early-bird). EDI 101 – Introduction To EDI History and Origin of EDI  Major EDI Advances How EDI is applied in different industries The Business Need for Read More →


HIPAA X12 EDI Training Bundle: The detailed course agenda Learn about Health Care EDI Environment and dive into deep mapping. Register for a training bundle. HIPAA EDI 101 – Introduction To The Health Care EDI Environment  Introduction to the Health Care EDI Environment  Health Care EDI Defined Benefits of Health Care EDI X12 Standards X12N Workgroups Read More →

Claims Processing

Health Partners Plans EDI Claims Processing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the sending and receiving of information using computer technology. Any standard business document that one company would exchange with another; such as a purchase order, invoice, shipping schedule, inventory inquiry, and claim submission; can be exchanged via EDI between the two parties, or trading Read More →


EDI via SFTP and FTPS: usage and challenges EDI via SFTP and FTPS belong to the most commonly used communication protocols for electronic data interchange. EDI via SFTP and FTPS allows connecting business partners directly as well as via service providers. Some time ago, FTP was considered to be the most reliable transport mean with Read More →

EDI webinars

EDI Training Designed For All Industries EDI Academy has the most comprehensive training available, and we are the only software-agnostic training provider. Our instructor engages students to discuss their EDI experiences and offers guidance. Our sessions include multiple mapping exercises and other hands-on activities. Live webinars. You have the opportunity to consult with an expert that Read More →

EDI training online

EDI Webinars Autumn-Winter Release EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices training for all industries including supply chain, retail, manufacturing, finance, and many more. All the webinars are live, instructor-led, and are conducted on a monthly basis. These webinars cover both an overview of EDI, an in-depth understanding of the technology, benefits EDI has to offer and a Read More →

GS1 Guidelines

GS1 Guidelines for the Transport Pick-up / Drop-off Request and Confirmation Transactions Transport Pick-up / Drop-off Request message enables the request for an appointment to collect goods at a pick-up location or to deliver goods at a drop-off location. Initial information about the collection and delivery of goods may already have been exchanged in the transport instruction. Read More →