DSW EDI Additional Guidelines For Vendor Merchandise DSW EDI more requirements for vendors are given below in addition to general DSW EDI Program Guidelines. More info can be found in our previous posts. Under no circumstances will DSW be liable to vendor as a result of any cancellation after acceptance for any amount in excess of the purchase price Read More →

860 EDI

Family Dollar Invoice Requirements (Merchandise Vendors) Family Dollar Invoice Requirements described today regard invoice errors that may appear in the vendor’s system.  If Family Dollar Invoice errors out of the invoice matching system, then an error message will be created and sent to a vendor via the EDI 864 Transaction. Upon receiving this document, you must fix the Read More →

Family Dollar Vendor EDI

Family Dollar Vendor EDI Initiative Basis Family Dollar Vendor EDI Initiative relies on EDI technology to automate its supply chain systems and as such requires all active vendors to support the B2B eCommerce transactions. Vendors can either transact directly using EDI via the VAN/EDIINT, or through Web based transactional portals via the Internet. New vendors can Read More →