Book Industry Study Group 856 ASN

Book Industry Study Group 856 ASN General Overview and Guidelines Book Industry Study Group 856 ASN guidelines are briefly described in today’s post. Further posts will cover more information regarding Book Industry Study Group 856 ASN. By adhering to the Book Industry Study Group 856 ASN recommendations the process will simplify the capturing of data Read More →


EDIFACT Mapping: Data Elements Types EDIFACT Mapping is an example of how many businesses can reach one definite standard. In the early days, each business had its own applications for tracking merchandise, ordering, invoicing, accounts payable, receivable, and other business needs. EDI has joined many apps in it and EDI mapping, including EDIFACT mapping, shows Read More →

edi training

EDI Trainings Evaluation by EDI Academy Attendants EDI Trainings are provided by EDI Academy around the USA, in Canada and in the United Kingdom. Since its first class our training facility is constantly working on improving training activity and what we are offering to our clients. EDI Trainings evaluation by our students gives us possibility to Read More →